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Wire Batt Supports

Wire Batt Supports also known as tiger teeth, wire stays, and lightning rods. Fast economical way to install roll and batt type insulation. Made of high tensile wire that digs into the wood. When installing start 4 in. from the end then space them 12 in. to 16 in. apart.
  • Spring wire supports install with a twist of the wrist
  • Holds permanently in floors, walls, ceilings
  • The perfect answer for confined crawl spaces or overhead cavities holding insulation batts in place
  • Overall length is 1/2" less than over center joist spacing
  • 14 gage
Packaged 500 per box. SDS
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WMP Paper

Uncoated WMPVR paper is a 3x4 traditionally reinforced, UL listed white polypropylene/scrim/Kraft/lamination used for vapor barrier paper over plain fiberglass.
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