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Dow Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks 24 oz

Dow Great Stuff Pro Gaps and Cracks In the United States, GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gaps & Cracks was the first foam to be recognized as a fireblock, which means it resists the free passage of flames to other areas of the building through concealed spaces. The foam is a bright orange color, easily identifiable by U.S. code officials. Considering the combined open space created by gaps, cracks and penetrations in the average home can total as much as a 4' x 4' window left wide open, it’s no wonder that air infiltration is one of the biggest threats to a home’s energy efficiency. And as uncontrolled air movement drives up energy bills, it may also increase the potential for mold, mildew and other moisture-related problems. Great on Benefits For a professional seal, rely on GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gaps & Cracks.
  • Ideal for gaps and penetrations up to 3" (75 mm)
  • Expands to form airtight and water-resistant seal
  • Bonds to wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics
  • Repels and deflects water
  • Quick cure time (tack-free in less than 20 minutes, trim within 30 minutes)*
  • Cost-effective: 24 oz (680 g) can equivalent up to 22-quart tubes of caulk; 30 oz (850 g) can up to 33-quart tubes of caulk†
  • Orange colored foam
*Actual cure time will depend on temperature, relative humidity, and size of foam bead. †Based on estimated yield under ideal conditions using gun foam, 3/8" bead. SDS
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Dow Great Stuff Pro™ Drywall Gasket Gun Foam 18oz

THE GASKET GURU A gasket that’s durable and flexible? Just the product you need to form an airtight seal between framing lumber and drywall. This water-based, one-component sealant foam:
  • Improves air sealing by creating a gasket between drywall and frame.
  • Is applied to face of top plate, bottom plate and around all rough openings.
  • Compresses when cured preventing bowing issues with drywall board. A 1/2" bead can easily be compressed to < 1/16" by the force of screwing on drywall.
  • Withstands scrapping and rubbing when drywall is slid up the wall and put in place. Is tolerant of abrasive contact and maintains its seal.
  • Helps meet stricter energy codes.
  • Does not expand like traditional, one-component, polyurethane foam sealants.
  • Air cures in 2 to 24 hours, depending on humidity. Dries fastest at low humidity.
  • Creates a more stable indoor temperature, lowering energy bills.
  • Reduces moisture, mold, pollutants and allergens that creep through small openings.
  • Minimizes waste. Reusable for up to 90 days when left attached to GREAT STUFF PRO™ Dispensing Gun with the blue handle. Shake vigorously for 60 seconds before use.
It’s the first water-based, polyurethane foam sealant:
  • Non-cured spills and drips means easy water clean-up
  • Low VOC
  • Easy gun clean-out with standard garden hose
  • U.S. only
  • Available in 18-oz. cans
SDS This product must use Great Stuff Pro™ Drywall Gasket Foam Gun
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Great Stuff Windows & Door 20oz

Window & Door is a minimal expanding, low-pressure formulation. Proven not to bow windows or doors. Gaps & Cracks is also a minimal expanding foam recognized as an alternative fire block penetration sealant. Orange in color to be more recognizable. SDS
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Soudal Cold Weather Gun Foam 24 oz

SoudaFoam Cold Weather is a top of the line, one component, moisture curing PU-Foam developed especially to perform under difficult freezing temperature conditions where traditional PU-Foams fail to extrude and cure. The foam will even cure at ambient temperature of min. -13 F (-25 C) with a can temperature of 41 F (5 C). The foam will extrude AND cure at a temperature of min. 14 F (-10C) 12 cans/case
**uses gun--product # FS-274**
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Soudal Door & Window Gun Foam 24 oz

Soudafoam D&W (Door & Window) is a top of the line, one component and moisture curing PU-foam. This low-pressure formulation makes it ideal for window and door installations and for insulating, sealing and filling all types of joints, gaps, and cavities.
  • Excellent adhesion on most substrates (except PTFE, PE and PP)
  • High thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Very good filling capacities
  • Excellent mounting capacities
  • Excellent stability (no shrink or post-expansion)
  • Very precise application due to the foam gun system
  • AAMA compliant
**uses gun--product # FS-274** SDS
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Soudal FireBlock Orange Gun Foam – 24 oz Can

SoudaFoam Fireblock is a top of the line, one component, moisture curing PU-Foam designed especially to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in residential Type VB and commercial non-rated construction. Perfect for insulating, sealing and filling all types of joints and openings. Easily identified by its orange color. Features:
  • Type VB Residential Fireblock*
  • Prevents the Spread of Flames and Smoke
  • Orange Color
  • Low Expansion Gun Foam
  • High Yield
  • Moisture Cure, One Component
  • Excellent Adhesion on Most Building Materials
  • No Shrinkage
  • Exceptional Thermal Insulation
  • Great Acoustical Insulation
  • CFC-Free Propellants - Harmless to Ozone Layer
  • UL Approved for ASTM E814 (modified)
  • 12 Cans per Case
  • For Use with Soudal Compact PU Foam Gun
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Soudal Foam Gun Cleaner

Gun & Foam Cleaner is a cleaning aerosol for use on SoudaFoam D&W. It can be used to clean gun applicators and valves or to remove uncured foam.
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Tytan Dry Climate Fireblock 24 oz. Gun Foam

TYTAN Fire Block 113 PRO meets or exceeds all fire block and draft stop standards. It is designed for the most extreme high heat and low humidity regions. It offers industry-leading 113°F ambient and can temperature without shrinking and melting in the gap. It will work the first time and not require a second application like other fire blocks. It is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. It is safe to be used around windows & doors and offers minimal shrinking. It offers industry-leading expansion to fill and seal gaps in the most extreme conditions. Applications include: electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one building area to another. It offers premium adhesion to most construction materials including: wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics. With TYTAN Fire Block 113 PRO Insulating Foam Sealant you can Build with Confidence! 2 lbs. each
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Tytan Extreme Fireblock 24 oz. Gun Foam

TYTAN Fire Block Extreme meets or exceeds all residential Fire Block standards and is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. Formulated specifically for use in multiple climate conditions, it performs well from -4°F to 100°F. It seals off air passages which slows the growth and movement of a growing fire. It should be used around electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one level of a building to another. Local rules, standards, and regulations differ. Please consult with your appropriate local official before use. 2 lbs each
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TYTAN Fill All Insulating Foam Sealant 24 oz

TYTAN Fill All insulating foam sealant is made with Smart Foam technology. Smart Foam Technology makes products more versatile while offering superior yield, adhesion, R-value, and sealing properties. All TYTAN foam sealants are safe for use around windows & doors, as they expand toward the area of least resistance. With Fill All, you no longer need to buy multiple foams depending on the size of the gap you’re filling.
  • Fills all gaps between 1/4"-3"
  • Safe for use around windows & doors
  • Adheres to most construction materials like wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics
  • Third-party testing confirms that it does not emit any harmful MDI emissions during application
  • Contributes to LEED energy savings
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TYTAN PRO Outdoor & Auto (Black)

TYTAN OUTDOOR & AUTO PRO is a ready to use, easy to apply, one-component black polyurethane foam specially formulated to fill, insulate and seal gaps, cracks, openings and blend in with automotive undercarriages and outdoor landscaping applications. The OUTDOOR & AUTO PRO formula creates a durable airtight seal, stops air infiltration, pests, and saves energy. It provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces and materials including metal, wood, glass, masonry and plastic. It is environmentally friendly, contains no CFC's or HCFC's and it is UL listed. BENEFITS:
  • Designed to Insulate, Seal and Blend in with RV Undercarriages
  • Reduces Sound and Noise
  • High Insulation Value - Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Controllable and Efficient Application
  • Repels and Blocks Moisture
  • Durable Airtight Seal - Stops Air Infiltration, Dust, Pests and Insects
  • Strong Adhesion Quality - Bonds to Most Surfaces
  • Great for Outdoor Landscaping Applications
  • Safe for windows and doors
  • Shelf Life - 12 Months
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TYTAN Professional Air Sealing Gasket Foam

Product for creating flexible and long lasting sealing between lumber and drywall increasing insulation parameters. Air sealing gasket foam is a polyurethane based flexible foam gasket enabling effective wall energy  performance by creating a gasket between the drywall and framing. It dries to a flexible and durable gasket foam which compresses to enable a flat, uniform drywall plane. SDS Tech Data
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