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90 High Strength Adhesive

3M HI-Strength 90 Inverted Spray Adhesive allows up to 10 minutes to make a bond. Allows upside down spray capabilities. Two actuators: one for the standard pattern and one for wide spray pattern. The 90 high strength adhesive is formulated for strength and quick set up. High-temperature resistance. Sprays right where you want it, no misting. Strong bonding for insulation and foam. 17.6 oz. cans. SDS

RCD #52 Spray Adhesive 12 fl oz

RCD Corporation #52 Spray Adhesive is formulated to bond fiberglass insulation to galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. This aerosol spray adhesive has low soak-in properties and bonds to a variety of construction surfaces. Wide web spray pattern provides greater coverage in less time. VOC compliant, earns LEED credits and contains zero chlorinated solvents. SDS
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Super 77 Adhesive

The 3M Super 77 multi purpose adhesive allows 10 -30 seconds to make a bond. Its fast, aggressive tack and low soak-in make it ideal for projects all around your home or business. It forms strong bonds with everything from paper, cardboard, fabric and cushion foam to plastic, metal, wood and much more. Strong bonding for insulation and foam. 13.44 oz. can. SDS