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4″ Black Roof Cap

4" Black plastic roof cap, made with a positive connection for ease of installation, is ideal for areas where condensation is an issue.

Eave Vent

In order to achieve maximum efficiency with roof vents, it is necessary that ample intake ventilation be provided. This can easily be accomplished by the installation of undereave vents. These surface mount undereave vents are designed for easy installation. SDS

R-50 Aluminum Roof Vent

This aluminum vent is great on slant roofs with generous flashing. Square hood design for maximum air movement and effective weather protection. Screened and has 50 sq. in. free air capacity. SDS

R-50 Roof Vent

Slant-Back Metal Roof Vents
  • Feature heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Screened
  • Large flange for easy installation
  • Provide 50 square inches of net free area per piece
  • For 3/12 to 12/12 roof pitch
  • Colors: Gray, Brown, Black
6 vents per case

Reversible Gable Vents

One piece thermoformed white plastic construction providing enough strength and rigidity. Designed for either flush or recessed mount. Openings are 1/8" to meet FHA requirements. 12 per case.

Turbine Roof Vents

This 12" aluminum turbine vents 600 square feet when used with 300 sq. in. of eave or soffit vents. Sold with a strong galvanized adjustable base to fit most roof slopes. SDS