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2.5″ Corner Finisher Blade Kit

For maintenance of the 42TT 2.5" Corner Finisher Includes
  • 420009 - 2.5" Carbide Blades (2)
  • 409011 - Skids (2)
  • 489013 - Set Screw (12)
  • 057353 - Hex L-Key .062 (1)
  • 059084 - Set Screw (2)

2.5″ Corner Finisher Maintenance Kit

For Maintenance of the 42TT 2.5" Corner Finisher Includes
  • 480021 - Inside Tension Spring (1)
  • 480017F - Center Clip (1)
  • 484014F - Center Clip Assembly (1)
  • 059091 - Screw (1)
  • 059084 - Set Screw (2)

8” Corner Applicator Box

This LEVEL5 8” Corner Applicator Box is used to apply a steady flow of joint compound over taped inside and outside corners. The universal nozzle fits a wide range of inside and outside applicator heads from most leading tool brands. An 8” corner applicator box holds approximately 20% more mud than a 7” applicator box. The extra capacity means less trips back to the pump! Features
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum housing
  • Precision-machined components
  • Premium urethane wiper gasket -  lab-tested to more than 100,000 cycles with no visible sign of wear or leakage
  • Large, sturdy handle bracket prevents any pressure plate warping during use
  • Full stainless steel cone for long service life
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Automatic Drywall Taper with Quick-Clean Head

Automatic Drywall Taper is used to simultaneously apply the optimal amount of joint compound and tape to wall and ceiling joints. It significantly increases drywall taping efficiency by applying the first bed of mud and tape in one pass. Features 
  • Quickly apply your first bed of mud and tape in one pass.
  • “Quick-Clean" head makes cleaning your LEVEL5 automatic taper easier than ever.
  • One simple thumb screw makes popping the taper's cover plate a breeze.
  • Premium quality precision-machined materials.
  • Many parts that are subject to wear are also compatible with other major brands.
  • High quality anodizing prevents corrosion and provides easy cleaning.
  • Unique urethane cup seal will ensure this tool works well for years.
Cover Plate Assembly (Old Style) Schematics Cover Plate Assembly (QuickClean) Schematics Taper Head Assembly (Old Style) Schematics Taper Head Assembly (QuickClean) Schematics Cutter Chain Assembly Schematics Drive Dog Assembly Schematics Gooser Assembly Schematics Taper Wheel Assembly Schematics Taper Tube Assembly Schematics

Blade Kit for 75mm EasyRoll™ Corner Finishers

For repair and maintenance of: 48TT - 75mm EasyRoll ™ Adjustable Corner Finisher Includes
  • (2) 059084
  • (12) 489013
  • (1) 056352
  • (2) 450009F
  • (2) 409011
  • (1) repair instructions

Carbon Steel Painter’s 9-in-1 Multi-Tool

A 9-in-1 Painter's Tool is designed to be highly versatile and capable of handling a variety of duties ranging from scraping compound material off drywall finishes to opening bottles after a day on the job site. Use the LEVEL5 9-in-1 Multi-tool as a compound scraper, screwdriver, roller cleaner, bottle opener and more. This is your "go-to" hand tool which features a polished carbon steel blade for superior durability. Features 
  • Heavy duty, rigid high-carbon steel blade with full tang through the handle.
  • Hardened and tempered to stay sharp for a long service life.
  • Blade is lacquered for corrosion resistance.
  • Large hang hole for effortless organization.
  • Lightweight, impact resistant nylon handle designed for daily use with minimal fatigue.

Clear Compound Tube

Use this LEVEL5 Drywall Compound Tube for applying joint compound to flat joints and corner seams. It features an outstanding capacity, transparent chamber and unique D-Handle composite grip. Three different nozzle attachments are included with each purchase. Features
  • Outstanding capacity for fewer trips back to the bucket.
  • Transparent compound chamber enables you to know how much compound is in the tube at all times.
  • Anodized aluminum handle tube with a unique D-Handle composite grip.
  • Adjustable side handle for leverage when filling and dispensing the joint compound.
  • 3 different nozzle attachments are included.
  • Nozzles mount easily via stainless steel quick-release clasps.
  • Can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle for the AB0004 Ames Cobra Drywall Tape Banjo.

Cobra Drywall Tape Banjo

The Goldblatt 15301 Style Dry Tape Drywall Banjo Taper applies drywall compound to drywall tape, and increases speed over traditional drywall hand taping. The banjo taper holds up to a 500' roll of tape, and strings 40' per load. The aluminum construction is sturdy and light-weight. The lid is beveled inward to create a leak-proof, metal-to-metal seal. The dry tape banjo gets its name from having the roll of drywall tape separated from the wet drywall compound - keeping the roll dry, and only applies mud to the tape lead. This Goldblatt style banjo is the most popular design among drywall contractors.
  • Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Top wood handle for vertical drywall tape application
  • Side strap and thumb rest for horizontal drywall tape application
  • Additional Wooden Handle can be used in place of the side strap
  • Serrated Tape Cutting Blade
  • Adjustable mud flow with the turn of a thumb screw

Corner Finisher Adapter


Corner Roller

This LEVEL5 corner roller beds drywall tape firmly into inside corners while removing air pockets and/or excess joint compound. This particular tool saves an enormous amount of time during the drywall finishing process, making it a necessity in every finisher’s tool set. Features
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Teflon and Kevlar reinforced nylon bearings for a long wear life
  • Washers ensure smooth operation
  • Stainless steel wheels ensure long wear life and resist edge damage during accidental drops
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Dewalt Black Hawk – Hard Coat

DEWALT Drywall Finishing Hawk features a hard coat, non-stick finish that is easy to clean, wear and corrosion resistant. Your trowel/knife will glide across the surface making it the smoothest hawk you’ve ever used. The DEWALT Hawk features a 13 in. x 13 in. square surface with rounded corners. Made of solid extruded aluminum this hawk will hold up under extreme conditions. Developed for all-day use, the DEWALT Hawk features a soft-grip, ergonomic handle and durable foam pad for additional comfort. The hawk’s handle is also hollow for easy mounting on scaffold or workstations, and the handle can be easily removed for easy cleaning and storage.
  • 13 in. surface with rounded corners
  • Solid extruded aluminum construction Solid extruded aluminum construction Solid extruded aluminum construction Solid extruded aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle and durable foam pad for comfortable, all-day use
  • Hollow handle for mounting on scaffold or workstations
  • Handle is removable for easy cleaning and storage