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Accu 1 14HP Vacuum

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Accu 1 14HP vacuum has an electric start, 14HP Kohler, OHV air-cooled, 12-volt engine. Dual 10" Pneumatic wheels. Dimensions 32"L x 33"W x 48"H weighing 275 lbs.

Processing rate Cellulose 6042 lbs per hour and Fiberglass 4199 lbs per hour.

Powder coated, heavy gauge, welded steel construction that has been dynamically balanced for easy maneuverability.

Quad-Clean technology with four stage all season cyclonic air filtration system.

Adjustable and removable handle.

Three-year powertrain warranty.

Six-inch inlet and outlet ports for greater productivity. 

COOL 12 HP Vacuum

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The Cool 12 HP vacuum is rugged ecomomy valued vacuum. 6" Inlet and Outlet. 12 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Weighs 226 lbs.

COOL 16 HP Vacuum

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The Cool 16 HP is a heavy duty vacuum with newly designed blade that creates fan tip turbulence eliminating any wet fiber accumulation or build-up on the fan blade and chamber area. 16HP Briggs & Stratton "Vanguard" V-twin engine. 6" Inlet & Outlet.

Dimensions 36"L x 30"W x 48"H. Weighs 250lbs.

Replacement impeller part # CV-018

COOL 23 HP Vacuum

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The Cool23 HP is a rugged economy valued vacuum. 6" inlet and outlet. Electric start 23 HP Briggs & Stratton "Vanguard"engine. Pneumatic wheels.

Weighs 350lbs.

Replacement impeller part # CV-231

COOL Vacuum Saver

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Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 80 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums 18 HP and less. Pneumatic wheels.

COOL Vacuum Saver 23 HP

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Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 80 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums 23 HP. Pneumatic wheels.

Expandable Vacuum Bags – 4′ x 6′

Replacement Insulation Removal Vacuum BagsConstructed using point bonded polypropylene material with auto reversed stitched seams for greater tear resistance and 25% stronger. These bags are 4 feet in Diameter and 6 feet long with a capacity of 75 cubic feet. The 10-inch collar makes for easy installation and removal. Can be used with any Meyer Versa-Vac OS, Vantage-Vac, and Veloci-Vac insulation removal vacuums.These bags are packaged 20 per box and ready for immediate shipment.  Made in the USAPricing is per bag.

Intec Vortec 690 Honda Vacuum

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Intec's VORTEC 690 high-powered vacuum, electric start. Powered by HONDA 690 motor with oil alert & variable timing ignition, user configurable inlets -- 6" or 4"

Intec Vortec Cannon Elecrtric Start Vacuum

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Intecs VORTEC family of vacuums offer high productivity with robust engineering combined to provide the highest value vacuum in todays market. The VORTEC CANNON utilizes our patented impeller design with cannon mount technology providing high production rates, excellent stability, and ease of movement.These -- and additional design features combine for fast & profitable recycling of spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to fire, water, and smoke, and HVAC cleaning.
  • Patented IMPELLER with serrated edges moves High Volumes of air & insulation
  • Run Flat WHEELS
  • Cannon-mount
  • Thick SHROUD with 2X thickness at wear points
  • Highly PORTABLE
  • CARB compliant

Krendl 18 HP Vacuum


This Krendl insulation vacuum is durable and great for removing all types of insulation and for recycling wet spray. It has a 18 HP Briggs & Stratton gas engine, electric start, 6" inlet and outlet, 18" Steel Fan, production of 7000 lbs. per hour.

Replacement impeller part # KV-102

Krendl 23 HP Vacuum


The GV230 belt driven gas vacuum is designed with a steel fan and chamber, powered by a rugged Briggs & Stratton V-Twin gas engine. This vacuum is intended for removing all types of blown insulation and for recycling wet spray. Industry first belt driven vacuum out performs other direct drive vacuums with a 30% increased impeller speed. Pneumatic wheels. Weighs 331 lbs.

Replacement impeller part # KV-102

Meyer Vantage Vac

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The Vantage-Vac is a highly portable, yet powerful gas powered removal vacuum. Whether the insulation is wet, fire damaged or smoke damaged, the Vantage-Vac has power to spare to handle even the most difficult insulation removal jobs.

Its compact, two wheeled design allows for close placement to the removal area, resulting in shorter hoses and reserving the power of the Vantage-Vac to efficiently move hard-to-handle material. The outlet can be configured to discharge directly into a reusable or disposable collection bag, or a Dumpster or roll-off.

Replacement impeller part # MV-141
 14 HP Robin Subaru Gas Engine with Electric and Recoil Start
 6" Diameter inlet and outlet
 2 Pneumatic Wheels
 Dimensions: 31" W x 40" L x 47" H
 Weight: 285 lbs.