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Innovent Attic Baffles (72″ x 22″)

$1.14 each (1400 vents per skid) These 6 ft. polystyrene INNOVENT attic baffles provide a lightweight water resistant air channel. Ideal for high volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation. Economical way to meet energy code requirements for air flow. These attic baffles have a perforated center line to fit all applications.  Installation of the INNOVENT Baffle eliminates the need for using a blocking material such as batt insulation between the vent and the wall top plate, as is commonly the practice for installation or rafter vents without an integral baffle.
  • Easy positioning and stapling make this baffle the easy choice
  • Install between rafters to provide an unobstructed air channel through insulation
  • Ideal for high-volume new construction or inexpensive re-insulation
  • Polystyrene material provides a lightweight air channel
  • Water-resistant baffle is an economical way of blocking out wind and rain
  • Baffle can be used with multiple heel heights
  • Designed to friction-fit between the rafters or trusses with the vent's cones pushed up against the roof deck
Wide nailing flange and center strut allow for easy installation 22" x 72" vents. Price shown is for items in quantity of 1,400, shipped on a pallet. FREE SHIPPING TO COMMERCIAL ADDRESSES ONLY!

Innovents Attic Baffles (48″ x 22″)

Available In:
$129 Bundle / $1.29 each (100 vents per bundle) Or
$992 Pallet / $0.62 each (1600 vents per pallet) Innovent attic baffles prevent ice buildup on roofs and keep houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Made of extruded polystyrene foam. Economical option for new construction. Wide flanges for easy stapling. Perforated for easy separation. Installing attic ventilation channels between the rafters or trusses provides an unobstructed air channel through the insulation. Without attic ventilation channels air cannot flow freely from the soffit to the exhaust vents. Poor air flow reduces insulation efficiencies and accelerates problems due to moisture. 1 ventilation channel per rafter or truss cavity is recommended. Full 48" length allows increased insulation usage. 22" wide vents easily snap apart into two 11" pieces. FREE SHIPPING! SDS
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