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5 Pack Lead Screws

For use in Leader Bits.

5 Pack Pilot Lead Screws

For use with wood boring systems bits for Lenox bits.

5 Pack Set Screws

For use in Leader Bits.

Arbor Bit

This arbor is used with Lenox hole saws. It comes with 1 pilot bit. Additional pilots can be purchased separately.
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Carbide-Tipped Hole Saw

This carbide tipped hole saw has greater wear resistance and higher heat resistance than the bi-metal hole saws. The carbide tipped tooth design features triple chip grind for smoother, concentric cuts. This saw has up to 10 times longer life on abrasive material than standard bi-metal hole saws. It has a cutting depth of 1 1/2" (38mm). The Arbor, carbide tipped pilot, and extension is sold separately.  
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Ejector Spring

Ejector spring for hole saw
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Hex Wrench Set

For use with wood boring bit systems.
Packaged in a set of 2

Lead Screw for 3″ Bit

For use in 3" Leader Bits. 1 per package

Leader Bit

These automatic feed wood bits feature outside diameter threads, replaceable lead screws and are easy to sharpen. They have a rust resistant black oxide finish. This bit has more teeth and cuts a better hole.
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Lenox Bi-Metal Hole Saw

This hole saw features bi-metal construction with a high-speed cutting edge. The Vari-Tooth design creates sharper tooth tips for faster, cleaner cutting. The arbor, pilot, and extension are sold separately.
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Plaster Blades

These blades have a Matrix II alloy high speed steel cutting edge with precision milled teeth for a faster and more aggressive cut. They cut through tough materials including nail-embedded wood (LXB-130). These blades are shatter resistant and retain tooth sharpness longer for increased productivity. 5 pk. SDS

Relton Complete Stucco Hole Saw

Ideal for cutting holes to install fiberglass, cellulose and other injected insulation. Carbide tips brazed to the hole saw body with special high-temperature silver solder. Elongated slots provided to allow easy plug removal. Leave consistently round holes, easily patched with wood or plastic plugs. Stucco saw cuts stucco, mesh, asbestos or aluminum siding. Pilots are carbide. Complete saws include cutter head, shank, and pilot.
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