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Caulk Warmer Bag Saver Sleeves

These sleeves are designed to work with the CW-100 Caulk Warmer Bag.
These sleeves help to keep the inside of the warmer bag clean and retain heat when item is out of the warmer. Simply slide over your caulk tube or caulk gun to keep the inside of your caulk warmer bag clean.
Comes in a package of 25 sleeves.

Caulk Warming Bag

The CW-100 bag is designed to keep your caulk warm in cold weather.
-Heavy duty nylon canvas bag
-Patented flexible heat shield
-Enclosed heating element
-Back strap with a "quick disconnect" for looping over rails
-Plugs into 120V AC
-Convenient cord storage pouch in the front
-Convenient on/off switch
-Internal temperature is thermostatically controlled
-Requires only 50 watts of power
Protective sleeves to keep the bag clean and DC to AC Power Inverted sold separately.

Caulk Warming Bag DC to AC Power Inverter

Designed to work with the CW-100 Caulk Warmer Bag.
Convert DC to AC, conveniently allows you to plug into your cigarette lighter socket.
Continuous power 75W, maximum power of 100W.
Provides overload protection, over voltage protection, and over temperature protection.
Additional uses include digital cameras, mobile phones, and notebook computers.