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Bostitch T6-8 Stapler

This tacker features an easy squeeze design and heat treated components for heavy-duty use. Ideally suited for use on plastic sheeting, insulation, moisture wraps, and mesh on netting. Uses BS-8377 and BS-8142

Bostitch T6-80C2 Outward Clinch Stapler

This is an outward clinch stapler, with an easy squeeze design.

Duo-Fast CS-5000 Stapler Tacker

The Model No. CS-5000 is a fine, all purpose gun tacker that has been made even better by a handle hold-down clip, an improved staple pusher, and the jaw with the claw. It takes staples up to 9/16 Schematics Staples for this stapler: 1/2" CROWN DF-142 (generic) 1/4" leg or DF-140 DF-518 (generic) 5/16" leg or DF-516 DF-377 (generic) 3/8" leg or DF-375