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Duct Work Clamp

4" metal screw type clamp joins vinyl hose to pipe, vent hoods, etc. Use with 4" vinyl hose only.

Flexible Aluminum Duct 4″ x 8′

4" flexible aluminum duct is 8' long. Use in areas where heat is evident. Great for range hoods, bath vents or laundry. Intended for temperatures from 100 to 400F. Hoses are shipped compressed.

Plastic Vent Hood

These plastic mouth hood includes standard tail piece and lint screen. Vent is 4" in diameter and it allows a full 4" opening, and is dampened. 10 per case. (Formally SKU 00344)

Vinyl Hose

The flexible white vinyl hose is appropriate for most venting uses. Attaches easily to dryer vents or bath fans. To be used in temperature ranges from 0 to 160 F.