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24" Roller Assembly

24″ Roller Assembly

Stud Scrubber Accessories

24″ Roller Belting (2 pc.)

Stud Scrubber Accessories
handi foam sealant

24oz FireBlock Straw Foam

Designed to seal, fill, insulate, bond and stop air infiltration. Handi-Foam Fireblock is more effective than traditional fireblock materials at blocking flames and smoke. Additionally, Handi-Foam Fireblock has proven to be more cost effective due to the ease of application and excellent yield rates than standard fiberglass and caulks, In fact, one 24 oz. can replace up to 30 standard tubes of caulk. Handi-Foam Fireblock has a recognizable orange color allowing inspectors to easily identify the use of an approved fireblock product.Wear protective glasses or goggles, nitrile gloves, and protective clothing. Use in a well-ventilated area. This product is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.SDS
heated hose wrap

25′ Heated Hose Wrap

  • Outer Material: Heavy Duty Nylon Shell CPAI 84 - 2000 PSI
  • Self Regulating Heat Tape Warming System - 5 Watts Per Foot
  • Polyethylene Closed Cell Flame Retardant Foam Insulated Lining
  • Slides On With Easy Pull String System
  • Nylon Tie Wraps Secure Heat Tape To Foam Hose
  • 6' Heavy Duty Industrial Cord
  • Color: Red
  • 25' Long - Gangeable to 150' With Extension Pieces
  • 120 VAC - 5 Watts Per Foot
Does not include nozzle or foam delivery hose - shown in pics for display and reference only.

25″ R-Sticks – Attic Measuring Rulers – Pack of 100

Attic Rulers are designed to measure the insulation depth when using blown-in insulation. Marked in easy to read numbers and indicators, these rulers will ensure accurate depth measurements for all of your blown-in insulation jobs.Staple these R-Value rulers to attic joists to get the correct amount of insulation. This universal (1" increments) ruler used with all types of blown insulation to provide a working gauge for installer and assurance of depth to inspector and owner. Made of cardboard stock 25" long.SOLD IN BUNDLES OF 100
handi foam sealant

29oz Handi-Foam Black Gun Foam

UL Classified polyurethane foam sealants that meet ASTM E-84 Flame spread requirements. Gun Foams are applied with a professional dispensing unit.Wear protective glasses or goggles, nitrile gloves, and protective clothing. Use in a well-ventilated area. This product is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.SDS
Swivel Reducer

3″ – 2 1/2″ Swivel Reducer (20″ Length)

This plastic swivel reducer is 20" in length and reduces from 3" to 2 1/2".Black, sold individually.Additional sizes sold separately.

3/16″ Mesh Insulation Netting

Insulation netting offers several advantages over insulation supports. Does not rust or retain moisture and once installed, it provides easy access to a structure for expansion or repair. 3/16" work well for walls. Also as a backer to hold wet spray as well as a temporary face before installing sheetrock.
Sold out

3/8″ Dow Level-R Rigid Foam Insulation Board

LevelR™ Insulation is an extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation board fan folded for easy installation over existing exterior surfaces. It is used as a rigid foam underlayment for new siding materials. It also features a crimped hinge, allowing the cladding to lie flat. LevelR™ Insulation wraps a home like a blanket.LevelR™ Insulation is 1/4" or 3/8" thick extruded polystyrene board and is produced in continuous 4' x 50' fan folded sections with 24" crimped-seam spacing. The flexibility of LevelR™ Insulation aids corner-wrapping, providing sealing effectiveness and a smooth level surface for new siding.Prices vary for AZ, CA, NV, OR, WASDS
dura-stilt screw

3/8″ Screw

Dura-Stilt replacement parts
3/8" Staples for DF-859

3/8″ Staples for DF-859

Staples come packed 20 boxes per case. Each box contains 5000 staples. 1/2" Crown, 3/8" Length. Fits the Duo-Fast Stapler Tacker DF-859.
hammer tacker staples

3/8″ Staples for Rapid 11 & 211

These staples come packed 20 boxes per case. Each box contains 5000 staples.
3/8" Length, 3/8" Crown.