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24″ Replacement Blades for Open Cell Foam

The FZBLADE24 is a 24" long serrated blade for use in the FOAMZALL foam saw. This 24" long blade is perfect for cutting open cell foam in 16" on center applications. The blade is manufactured of hardened steel for extended use and comes with (2) holes on one end that are easily lined up in the custom coupler for quick change out. Use with FZ-100 and FZ-200

24″ Roller Assembly

Stud Scrubber Accessories

24″ Roller Belting (2 pc.)

Stud Scrubber Accessories

25″ R-Sticks – Attic Measuring Rulers – Pack of 100

Attic Rulers are designed to measure the insulation depth when using blown-in insulation. Marked in easy to read numbers and indicators, these rulers will ensure accurate depth measurements for all of your blown-in insulation jobs. Staple these R-Value rulers to attic joists to get the correct amount of insulation. This universal (1" increments) ruler used with all types of blown insulation to provide a working gauge for installer and assurance of depth to inspector and owner. Made of cardboard stock 25" long. SOLD IN BUNDLES OF 100. Full cases come unbundled.

3.5″ Corner Finisher Blade Change Kit

For Repair or Maintenance of the TapeTech® 48XTT 3.5" EZ Roll Adjustable Corner Finisher Includes
  • 2 - 3.5" Carbide Blades (480209)
  • 2 - Skids (409011)
  • 12 - 6-32 x 1/8" Set Screws (489013)
  • 2 - Set Screws (059084)

3.5″ EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher

The TapeTech® EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher is used to perfectly feather both joint compound edges of internal corners in one pass. The Corner Finishers can be used for wall-to-wall internal corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. The “adjustable” feature of this tool refers to the ability to control the amount of spring pressure by engaging or disengaging one set of tension springs on the back of the corner finisher. Corner Finishers, also referred to as Angle Finishers or Angle Heads, are attached to a corner applicator (CA07TT or CA08TT) or the 14TT MudRunner® to quickly and professionally finish internal drywall corners. EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finishers have wheels to provide the smoothest action on the wall and are spring loaded to help compensate for slightly imperfect corners. Use with the FHTT Fiberglass Handle or the XHTT Extension Handle – not included.
  • Embeds inside corner tape on walls and ceilings
  • Finishes inside corners of walls and ceilings
  • Wipes down excess mud in internal corners
  • Stainless Steel Frames
  • Patented, positive Ball Retainer
  • EasyRoll Wheels
  • Adjustable Springs
Operations Guide Schematics Guide

3.5″ EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher Repair Kit

For Repair and Maintenance of TapeTech® 48XTT 3.5" EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finishers. Includes
  • 1 - Inside Tension Spring (480221)
  • 1 - Outside Tension Spring (480005)
  • 1 - Center Clip (480017F)
  • 1 - Center Clip Assembly (484014F)
  • 4 - O-Rings (489028)
  • 1 - 6-32 x 1/2" Set Screw (059091)
  • 2 - Set Screws (059084)

3/16″ Mesh Insulation Netting

Insulation netting offers several advantages over insulation supports. Does not rust or retain moisture and once installed, it provides easy access to a structure for expansion or repair. 3/16" work well for walls. Also as a backer to hold wet spray as well as a temporary face before installing sheetrock.
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3/8″ Screw

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

3/8″ Staples for Rapid 11 & 211

These staples come packed 20 boxes per case. Each box contains 5000 staples.
3/8" Length, 3/8" Crown.
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3/8″ Staples for the Paslode CS-5000 Compression Staplers

Staples come packed 20 boxes per case. Each box contains 5000 staples. 1/2" Crown, 3/8" Length. Fits the Paslode Stapler Tacker DF-859.
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30″ Replacement Blades for Closed Cell Foam

The FZ-BLADE-2LB is for use in the FOAMZALL Foam Saw to cut 2 pound foam. The blade is manufactured of hardened steel for extended use and comes with (2) holes on one end that are easily lined up in the custom coupler for quick change out. Use with FZ-100