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FLIR Infrared Camera w/MSX

FLIR E4, E5, E6, E8 with MSXEnhancement
  • Display: 3" color LCD
  • On-board 640 x 480 Digital Camera
  • Easy-to-use, weighs only 1.2lbs
  • 2% accuracy
  • File format: Radiometric jpg
  • Swappable Li-ion Battery with 4 hour life
  • Spot Measurement mode
  • Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images
  • Picture in Picture image ( E6 and E8)
  • Area Box Measurement mode (E5, E6 and E8)
Each includes power supply/charger with four plugs, rechargeable battery, FLIR Tools software, USB cable, and hard transport case. E8 also includes extra battery and external battery charger. FLIR E4 - 4800 pixels (80 x 60) FLIR E5 - 10,800 pixels (120 x 90) FLIR E6 - 19,200 pixels (160 x 120) FLIR E8 - 76,800 pixels (320 x 240)

Grill Mask 12″ x 216′ Roll

This product is an invaluable tool for any air leakage tester working in the residential industry or anyone who is testing an enclosure that involves ductwork. This product is to be used in conjunction with the Blower Door Systems. The grill mask is ideal for covering holes and duct registers when testing enclosures, houses, or duct work. The self-adhesive grill mask comes in an easy-to-use perforated roll. The adhesive sticks firmly and is an effective air seal, but won't peel paint when removed. Each roll is 165 feet long and 12 inches wide. The roll is perforated every 12 inches.

Smoke Pencil Pro

The Light Duty Smoke Pencil is the tool to identify drafts and air leaks in a home. This non-toxic smoke stick generates a small amount of smoke to help you identify drafts. Pull the trigger on the Smoke Pencil near the area that you suspect a draft and see how the smoke moves to show air movement. The light on the end of the Smoke Pencil illuminates the smoke and the area you are testing for easy air movement detection. A 3oz smoke fluid bottle with a special filling tube is included with the Smoke Pencil. You control the amount of smoke this Smoke Pencil generates by holding the finger trigger. The smoke is a harmless non-toxic sweet smelling Water, Glycol and Glycerin mixture (similar to toy train smoke) vapor. It does not use the dangerous and caustic acid or incineration based smoke that other smoke sticks often produce. You can use this Smoke Pencil all over the home as you seal and insulate. Use it to see if your fireplace chimney will draft properly or test if your damper is sealing tightly. See if your windows and doors are weather stripped well and seal tight. Test to see if you need to tape the HVAC ducts in your basement or attic....and there are many more uses! Comes With: 1 - Light Duty Smoke Pencil Draft Detector (6AA Batteries required, not included) 1 - 3oz Bottle of non-toxic liquid smoke with special filler spout 1 - Direction sheet on how to use the Smoke Pencil CANNOT BE SOLD IN CANADA SDS

Smoke Puffer Adapter Tip

The Smoke Pencil Adapter tip is an optional removable adapter that attaches to the top of your Smoke Pencil so you can get a very fine, but a dense stream of smoke from your Smoke Pencil. This Adapter tip is very useful if the testing you are doing involves small areas or light air currents that are otherwise difficult to detect. The Adapter Tip holds a very small low-velocity fan that forces the smoke out of the restricted tip. The Adapter Tip runs on one (1) AA size battery and has an independent on/off switch. Note: SP-002 is the tip only, the smoke pencil is sold separately under SKU SP-001. For the complete kit, see SKU SP-004 CANNOT BE SOLD IN CANADA

Smoke Puffer Pro Field Kit

The Heavy Duty Smoke Pencil Pro Field Kit has everything the Professional Energy Rater or Contractor needs to get started identifying drafts and air leaks. This non-toxic smoke stick kit allows you to generate the perfect amount of smoke to help you identify drafts. You can hit the ground running with your Smoke Pencil Pro Field Kit since it provides all the smoke fluid, accessories, and batteries you need in a handy & durable carrying case.
The Kit Comes With: 1 - Heavy Duty Smoke Pencil Pro Draft Detector 1 - Smoke Pencil Adapter Tip with two tips 1 - 3oz Bottle of non-toxic smoke fluid with special filler spout 7 - AA alkaline batteries for the Smoke Pencil Pro and Adapter Tip 1 - Phillips- head screwdriver 1 - Durable carry case with foam lining 1 - Direction sheet on how to use the Smoke Pencil Pro

Smoke Puffer Smoke Fluid Refill

Smoke Fluid replacement bottle for the Smoke Pencil 3oz refill bottle of smoke fluid for the SP-001 Smoke Pencil. This non-toxic mixture of water, glycol and glycerine is specifically formulated to generate highly visable smoke with your Smoke Pencil. Please only use this genuine smoke fluid in your Smoke Pencil to ensure its proper, safe and long lasting operation. According to OSHA (1910.1200) this product is non-hazardous. CANNOT BE SOLD IN CANADA SDS