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Tytan Dry Climate Fireblock 24 oz. Gun Foam

TYTAN Fire Block 113 PRO meets or exceeds all fire block and draft stop standards. It is designed for the most extreme high heat and low humidity regions. It offers industry-leading 113°F ambient and can temperature without shrinking and melting in the gap. It will work the first time and not require a second application like other fire blocks. It is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. It is safe to be used around windows & doors and offers minimal shrinking. It offers industry-leading expansion to fill and seal gaps in the most extreme conditions. Applications include: electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one building area to another. It offers premium adhesion to most construction materials including: wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics. With TYTAN Fire Block 113 PRO Insulating Foam Sealant you can Build with Confidence! 2 lbs. each
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Tytan Extreme Fireblock 24 oz. Gun Foam

TYTAN Fire Block Extreme meets or exceeds all residential Fire Block standards and is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. Formulated specifically for use in multiple climate conditions, it performs well from -4°F to 100°F. It seals off air passages which slows the growth and movement of a growing fire. It should be used around electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one level of a building to another. Local rules, standards, and regulations differ. Please consult with your appropriate local official before use. 2 lbs each
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TYTAN Fill All Insulating Foam Sealant 24 oz

TYTAN Fill All insulating foam sealant is made with Smart Foam technology. Smart Foam Technology makes products more versatile while offering superior yield, adhesion, R-value, and sealing properties. All TYTAN foam sealants are safe for use around windows & doors, as they expand toward the area of least resistance. With Fill All, you no longer need to buy multiple foams depending on the size of the gap you’re filling.
  • Fills all gaps between 1/4"-3"
  • Safe for use around windows & doors
  • Adheres to most construction materials like wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics
  • Third-party testing confirms that it does not emit any harmful MDI emissions during application
  • Contributes to LEED energy savings
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Tytan Professional Extreme Climate Pro 24 oz


TYTAN PROFESSIONAL EXTREME CLIMATE PRO is an innovative one-component polyurethane foam specially formulated for use in temperature applications from 14F to 90F. Excellent for filling, insulating and sealing of gaps, cracks, and openings in the interior and exterior of buildings. The groundbreaking formula creates a durable airtight seal and stops cold air infiltration and heat loss. Extreme Climate Pro provides a high insulating value, is economical and saves energy. It has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including wood, glass, metal, masonry, and plastic. It is environmentally friendly with no CFC's, R22 or HCFC's and it is UL classified.


  • No Bow Technology
  • Adheres to Frozen Materials
  • Extreme temperature formula - cures even in freezing weather 14°F (-10°C)
  • Low pressure, for windows & doors
  • Designed to cure in low humidity conditions, great for dry climates
  • Economically insulates, fills, seals, and bonds
  • Durable weather seal - stops cold air infiltration and heat loss
  • High insulating value - saves energy and money
  • Bonds and seals popular materials: wood, concrete, plaster, plumbing, etc.
  • Shelf life 12 months


  • Wide range of interior and exterior sealing and insulating applications such as basements, roof areas, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling penetrations:
  • excellent to fill and seal all interior and exterior building gaps, cracks, and openings
  • excellent to fill and seal in exposed corner T-joint and studs
  • excellent to fill and seal around dryer and exhaust vents, water faucets, plumbing fixtures, electric, HVAC and gas penetrations
  • excellent to seal and insulate under the edges of exposed siding along foundations


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TYTAN Professional Window and Door PRO Insulating Foam Sealant 24 oz

TYTAN Window & Door Pro is AAMA approved and uses an innovative no-bow technology to create a water and airtight seal. It saves you money by providing superior yield so you can install more windows and doors. It offers superior R-value which reduces energy consumption and contributes to LEED's energy-saving standards. It has premium adhesion abilities to most construction materials including wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics so your windows and doors will stay sealed during construction and climate changes. With TYTAN Window & Door Pro Insulating Foam Sealant you can build with confidence. 18 month shelf life form date of production. SDS
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