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lower strut tube

1 1/8″ O.D. Upper Strut Tube – 26 1/2″

1 1/8" O.D. Upper Strut Tube for only sizes F24 and D24 - D40.Approximate Length - 26 1/2"
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1 amp Fuse for 2007 and Before

1 amp Fuse for 2007 or Before.
Clear Construction Poly Film

1.5 mil Clear Construction Film

This clear polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors. Prevents condensation and energy loss. Sizes vary.SDS
Asbestos Bit

1″ Asbestos Bit

These rugged bits are the best for asbestos siding. Built to cost less and be sharpened repeatedly. Bit comes with carbide pilot. Pilot also sold separately (AB-101)
braided insulation tubing

1″ I.D. Reinforced Braided Wall Insulation Tubing

1" Inside Diameter. This reinforced clear braided tubing can be used for insulation dense packing inside walls.Sold in 10′ IncrementsChoose Quantity for how many 10′ increments you want. (Qty of 2 = 20′)
dura stilt lower strut tube

1″ O.D. Lower Strut Tube – 20 3/8″

1" Lower Strut Tube for sizes F14, F16, F18, and D14-22.Approximate Length - 20 3/8"
dura stilt lower strut tube

1″ O.D. Lower Strut Tube – 22 3/4″

1" Lower Strut Tube for sizes F20, F22, and D18-30.Approximate Length - 22 3/4"
foam pipe

1″ Polyethylene Foam Pipe Covering (Case of 42)

Closed cell foam pipe insulation protects copper pipes from the elements. Comes in 6-foot lengths. Self-adhesive. Sold only by the 42 piece case. 1 1/8" Inside DiameterSDS

1″ x 2″ Mesh Insulation Netting

Insulation netting offers several advantages over insulation supports. Does not rust or retain moisture and once installed, it provides easy access to a structure for expansion or repair. Also as a backer to hold wet spray as well as a temporary face before installing sheetrock. The 1" x 2" is a great replacement for wire batt hangers.
1/2" Staples for Josef Kihlberg 680 Heavy Gauge Pnuematic Stapler

1/2″ Staples for Josef Kihlberg 680 Heavy Gauge Pnuematic Stapler

1/2" Crown, 1/2" Length.
Packaged 10,000 per box.
This staple is used with the Fasco FA-680 or Josef Kihlberg JK-680 Pneumatic Stapler.
dura-stilt hex nut

1/4-20 Hex Nut

Dura-Stilt replacement parts
dura-stilt locknut

1/4-20 Locknut

Dura-Stilt replacement parts