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6 mil Black Construction Film

Roll of black construction film. 6 mil.
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6 mil Clear Construction Film

This clear polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors. Prevents condensation and energy loss. Sizes vary. SDS
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6″ x 25′ Heavy Duty Vac Hose

  • Clear colored 6‰ diameter x 25‰۪ steel reinforced polyethylene hose
  • Burst pressure: 15PSI
  • Working pressure: 10PSI
  • Vacuum 13Hg
  • CL bend radius: 12‰
  • Compress ratio: 1‰۪
  • 9‰ UV additive
  • Wire is .072‰ steel wire
  • Temperature range: -60F to 275F
  • OD spec nominal: 6.29‰
  • Weight: .9lbs. per ft.
  • Made for powerful vacuum applications
  • 23HP+ vac machines require heavy duty step-up hose, and this hose is up to the task.

6″ x 25′ Vacuum Hose

This 6" hose can be used on most vacuums. Comes in lenghts of 25 feet. Has wire inside to help prevent collapsing SDS

605 Bd Ft Foam Kit Warmer-5 Gallon Pail Warmer

The PW-005 pail warmer will warm a five gallon can or a 605 Bd Ft foam kit cylinder. It is made from heavy duty nylon CPAI 84 which creates a heat retaining flexible barrier. It is insulated with closed cell polypropylene with an enclosed heating element. It plugs into a 120V AC or 12V DC inverterusing a heavy duty industrial cord. It features a convenient cord storage pouch on the front with a velcro closure and adjustable cinch straps for a snug fit. It measures 11.5" high x 41" long. The internal temperature is controlled to maintain a constant temperature while only using 50 watts of power. *These are sold one per package, if you are purchasing for a 2 part foam kit you will need to purchase two.

8 mil Clear Construction Film 20′ x 100′

This clear polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors. Prevents condensation and energy loss. Size 20' x 100' clear film. SDS

8″ Black Dragon Batt Knife

Hardened high carbon chrome vanadium steel blade. Ground and tempered to precise tolerances. Soft-grip handle with built in finger guard to protect fingers from cuts.

8″ Foam Gun Extension

8" foam gun extensions sold in packages of 100 only.

8″ x 25′ Hose for Ventilation Blower

Lightweight and retractable, this 8" diameter non-collapsible hose is designed for maximum air handling capabilities and built for dual direction flow with minimum friction loss. Vinyl and polyester materials with PVC coating make this single ply duct stand up to any rugged environment. Meets ASTM 227 specs.

90 High Strength Adhesive

3M HI-Strength 90 Inverted Spray Adhesive allows up to 10 minutes to make a bond. Allows upside down spray capabilities. Two actuators: one for the standard pattern and one for wide spray pattern. The 90 high strength adhesive is formulated for strength and quick set up. High-temperature resistance. Sprays right where you want it, no misting. Strong bonding for insulation and foam. 17.6 oz. cans. SDS

AccuBlock (50 Count Bundle)

How The AccuBlock System Works The advantages of using the AccuBlock system:
  • Designed Specifically for Spray Foam Applications
  • Efficient Spray Template at the Top Plate
  • Will not support Mold or Mildew Growth
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Designed for Unventilated Attics
  • No costly callbacks
  • Increased Speed and Efficiency of Installation
  • Green Listed
  • Reduced Labor
  • No costly callbacks
  • Meets EnergyStar Thermal
  • Bypass Checklist Requirements
  • Easily Adapts for Ventilated Attic Requirements
How The System Works (See Diagram): The AccuBlock system creates a wind barrier from the top plate to the roof sheeting. This then allows for "Spray Applications" to be apply material directly to the AccuBlock and up the roof sheeting; assuring a wind free, sealed attic. Can only purchase in 50 count bundles.
50 AccuBlock per bundle SDS
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AccuVent – 41″ or 50″ Length – 16″ or 24″ o.c Attic Vent

Brentwood's AccuVent systems provide cost-effective, energy-saving ventilation solutions for new and older homes alike. With models to fit any attic application, AccuVent is preferred by contractors for its simple installation and guaranteed improvements in ventilation efficiency.
  • Designed specifically for traditional ceiling applications with either blown-in or batting type insulation.
  • Easy to install with only 6-8 staples.
  • Prevents wind washing and drifting of insulation.
  • An excellent measure to help prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • 100% recycled flame retardant plastic meets the new EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist requirement.
  • Perforated tear strip for width adjust-ability.
  • Keeps insulation out of contact with roof sheeting
AccuVent is made from 100% recycled PVC, a self-extinguishing material which easily meets E-84 class 1 requirements. 50 count bundle SDS
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