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THERMO-FLEX 1000 Acrylic Roof Coating (5 Gallon Bucket)

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THERMO-FLEX 1000 Acrylic Roof Coating is an acrylic elastomeric fluid-applied coating designed to enhance energy savings and water resistance protecting the assets and increase the longevity of the structure. TF 1000 Series withstands intense heat and ultraviolet rays in humid climates.

TF 1000 is formulated using advanced all-acrylic polymer technology for application over spray polyurethane foam applications. TF 1000 is ideal for low slope roofs with positive drainage.

5 Gallon Bucket Performance Characteristics
  • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance
  • Severe Hail Rated with LPA Roofing Foam and Coating System
  • Seamless, fully-adhered elastomeric membrane
  • Water Resistant
  • Excellent dirt pick-up resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility down to -15ºF
  • UL 790 Approved on multiple constructions
  • Low maintenance/renewable
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