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Handi-Foam® E84 Class 1(A) Low Pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam – 205 Bd. Ft.

Handi-Foam two-part low-pressure spray polyurethane foam kit that is used to fill and insulate large voids or surfaces. Handi-Foam® provides excellent insulation by creating a continuous air barrier helping you seal your building's envelope.  It is dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® dispensing unit for accurate and precise applications.  Handi-Foam Quick Cure assists in obtaining ENERGY STAR® rating and/or LEED credits.  With excellent adhesion properties, Handi-Foam® Quick Cure foam will not let you down. Kit Includes:
  • Component A
  • Component B
  • Hoses
  • Dispensing Gun
  • 8 Spray Nozzles
Installation Tips:
  • Temperature: Spray foam products are temperature sensitive.  You can spray this kit in colder outdoor temperatures, the key is to keep the core temperature of the tanks within the proper range of 75-85°F.
  • Change Nozzles: It is important to change the nozzle after you stop spraying for more than 30 seconds.  Failure to change nozzles may result in damage to the spray gun.
  • Reuse Nozzles: It is possible to clean and reuse a nozzle 2-3 times.  As soon as you are done spraying, remove the nozzle and drop it in a can of acetone.  You can also use our Handi-Cleaner to clean out uncured foam.
  • Safety Considerations: Customers that purchased item also purchased a Tyvek suit with hoodrespirator and filtersgoggles, and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.
  • Application: Use a slow, steady, and smooth motion to spray a continuous layer when applying the foam.  Spray what appears to be just under a 1/4" thickness and it will expand and cure to roughly 1 inch.  Apply additional layers until desired thickness is achieved, allowing at least 10 minutes between layers.
  • Clean Up: You can clean up uncured foam with Handi-Cleaner. Once the foam is fully cured, you will have to remove it by mechanical means.
The product is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Due to hazardous fees, this item may ship via semi. SDS PART A SDS PART B
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Handi-Gun Hose Assembly

Handi-Foam Accessories
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Handi-Gun Trigger Stop Metering Clip (3 Pack)

For use with Handi-Foam Disposable Kits

Long Barrel Top Load Foam Gun (Downward Spraying)

31" (FS-271) This top load, all-steel gun, Teflon coated universal basket.
These models are best for downward spraying.
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Long Barrel Top Load Foam Gun (Upward Spraying)

This top load, all-steel gun is durable and performs like more expensive models. The Ultra Gun will give you increased output with a bigger bead. They are Teflon™ coated for easier cleaning. This model is best for upward spraying use.

No-Burn® Plus ThB Intumescent Coating (5 Gallon)

Intumescent Coating Thermal & Ignition Barrier (5 Gallon Pail)
  • Water-based thin film intumescent coating- thermal and ignition barrier
  • Low VOC
  • Class III Vapor Retardency
  • Interior Finish Classification Class I or Class A: FS 0-5 / SD 0-35
No-Burn Plus ThB is a water-based thin film intumescent coating when exposed to high temperatures and flame, intumesces creating a char-barrier protecting treated Substrates from fire. Certified to be applied to a variety of Substrates, fire performance compliance is achieved with the appropriate wet film thickness. For use in new and existing buildings, complying with the IBC, IRC IEBC and other applicable codes or standards, Plus ThB is utilized in applications where it provides: Interior Finish Classification Class I or Class A: FS 0 / SD 10 Alternative or Non-prescriptive Thermal Barrier Alternative or Non-prescriptive Ignition Barrier Class III Vapor Retardency Call for pallet price – 36 per pallet NB-1500 SDS NB-1501 SDS NB-1502 SDS NB-1500 - NB-1502 TDS NB-1500 - NB-1502 Comparison
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Soudal Cold Weather Gun Foam 24 oz

SoudaFoam Cold Weather is a top of the line, one component, moisture curing PU-Foam developed especially to perform under difficult freezing temperature conditions where traditional PU-Foams fail to extrude and cure. The foam will even cure at ambient temperature of min. -13 F (-25 C) with a can temperature of 41 F (5 C). The foam will extrude AND cure at a temperature of min. 14 F (-10C) 12 cans/case
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Tytan Eco Foam Gun

Gun Applicator 8" Barrel

Tytan Extreme Fireblock 24 oz. Gun Foam

TYTAN Fire Block Extreme meets or exceeds all residential Fire Block standards and is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. Formulated specifically for use in multiple climate conditions, it performs well from -4°F to 100°F. It seals off air passages which slows the growth and movement of a growing fire. It should be used around electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one level of a building to another. Local rules, standards, and regulations differ. Please consult with your appropriate local official before use. 2 lbs each
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TYTAN Fill All Insulating Foam Sealant 24 oz

TYTAN Fill All insulating foam sealant is made with Smart Foam technology. Smart Foam Technology makes products more versatile while offering superior yield, adhesion, R-value, and sealing properties. All TYTAN foam sealants are safe for use around windows & doors, as they expand toward the area of least resistance. With Fill All, you no longer need to buy multiple foams depending on the size of the gap you’re filling.
  • Fills all gaps between 1/4"-3"
  • Safe for use around windows & doors
  • Adheres to most construction materials like wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics
  • Third-party testing confirms that it does not emit any harmful MDI emissions during application
  • Contributes to LEED energy savings
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Tytan Long Barrel Foam Guns

  • Extra-long 31.5” barrel and heavy duty metal construction, designed for ergonomic standing application of subfloor adhesive. Improved design in can angle works well with all TYTAN adhesives and foam sealants. Added nozzle marks allow for a more consistent bead size during application from job to job.
  • Precise Application
  • Instant Off Trigger
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TYTAN PRO Outdoor & Auto (Black)

TYTAN OUTDOOR & AUTO PRO is a ready to use, easy to apply, one-component black polyurethane foam specially formulated to fill, insulate and seal gaps, cracks, openings and blend in with automotive undercarriages and outdoor landscaping applications. The OUTDOOR & AUTO PRO formula creates a durable airtight seal, stops air infiltration, pests, and saves energy. It provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces and materials including metal, wood, glass, masonry and plastic. It is environmentally friendly, contains no CFC's or HCFC's and it is UL listed. BENEFITS:
  • Designed to Insulate, Seal and Blend in with RV Undercarriages
  • Reduces Sound and Noise
  • High Insulation Value - Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Controllable and Efficient Application
  • Repels and Blocks Moisture
  • Durable Airtight Seal - Stops Air Infiltration, Dust, Pests and Insects
  • Strong Adhesion Quality - Bonds to Most Surfaces
  • Great for Outdoor Landscaping Applications
  • Safe for windows and doors
  • Shelf Life - 12 Months
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