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Bathroom Vent Kit – Aluminum Hose

Roof installed vent kit is ideal for utility rooms, bathrooms, or any area where air venting is vital. Includes a black plastic dampered roof cap with flashing, 4" x 8' flexible aluminum hose, three adjustable clamps, and 1-3" adapter.

Bathroom Vent Kit – Vinyl Hose

Roof installed vent kit is ideal for utility rooms, bathrooms, or any area where air venting is vital. Includes a black plastic dampered roof cap with flashing, 4" x 8' flexible vinyl hose, three adjustable clamps, and 1-3" adapter.

Batt Knife Sheath

Sheaths for 8" batt knives.   (Knife not included)

Big Stretch (Case of 12)

High-performance, water-based sealant stretches to more than 500% of its original size to stick always and crack never. Homes move. Window frames pull away from the siding, or doors shift against the brick. They move when the temperature changes, the rain falls, the wind blows, or the earth quakes. Is it too much to ask that your caulk doesn’t crack at the first sign of joint movement? Most caulks can’t take it – they dry hard and crack. That’s why you need Big Stretch high-performance water-based sealant; it won’t crack…it just stretches. Its powerful adhesion and extreme elasticity will stick, twist, bend, compress, and stretch – more than 500% of its original size! – to handle most any movement your home can dish out, all without cracking. It’s perfect for many interior and exterior applications, including:
  • Windows and Doors
  • Siding and Trim
  • Vents
  • Soffits
  • Baseboards and Crown Molding
  • Soundproofing Interior Walls
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Blade Kit for 75mm EasyRoll™ Corner Finishers

For repair and maintenance of: 48TT - 75mm EasyRoll ™ Adjustable Corner Finisher Includes
  • (2) 059084
  • (12) 489013
  • (1) 056352
  • (2) 450009F
  • (2) 409011
  • (1) repair instructions

Blue Painters Tape

UV resistant masking tape, painters grade, solvent based rubber ADH clean removal, up to 14 days outdoor exposure, blue crepe paper, 5.2 mil thick. 2" x 60 yds.
24 rolls per case.
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Boss 334 Window and Door Gun Foam – 24oz

Formulated with CFC free propellant. A one component, self expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam, with a plastic adaptor head for use with a foam applicator gun which contains propellants which are completely harmless to the ozone layer.
  • Filling of cavities
  • Creation of a soundproof screen
  • Installing of window and door frames
  • Sealing of all openings in roof construction
  • Mounting and sealing of window and door frames
  • Connecting of insulation materials and roof construction
  • Application of a soundproofing layer on motors
  • Improving thermical isolation in cooling systems
  • AAMA 812-04 Approved
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Boss 335 Foam Cleaner – 12oz

Specially developed to clean the PU foam applicator guns. A correct cleaning of the gun and the proper use of the product will ensure an optimal function and prevent blockage of the applicator gun. Also suited for the cleaning of the valve and spray nozzle of PU foam canisters and removing uncured PU foam. SDS
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Boss 336 Extreme Weather Gun Foam – 24oz

Top of the line, one component, moisture curing polyurethane foam developed especially to perform under difficult freezing temperature conditions where traditional PU foams fail to extrude and cure.
  • Minimal Expansion Gun Foam
  • Does Not Bend Window Frames
  • Extreme High Yield
  • Moisture Cure, One Component
  • Excellent adhesion on most building materials
  • No shrinkage
  • Exceptional thermal insulation
  • Great acoustical insulation
  • CFC-free propellants - harmless to Ozone layer
  • Can be applied at Frost temperatures
  • Excellent mounting capabilities
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Boss 635 Spray Adhesive

DESCRIPTION BOSS® 635C Contact/Spray Adhesive combines a uniform misting spray pattern with super high solids to create a fast tacking and high bond strength product capable of handling virtually any light or heavy duty job.  12 oz can. USES Applications for BOSS® 635C Contact/Spray Adhesive can be found throughout the general industry for bonding fabric, plastics, felt, cork, foam, insulation, paper, corrugated, wood, most metals and more. Even with the super high solids, this product has a conveniently long open time to allow for repositioning and adjustment when affixing surfaces to be bonded. Also featured is a moderate flow rate spray valve to provide overspray control in a mist adhesive. The product has an economical coverage rate and is ideally suited for both temporary or permanent bonds. The one product that is truly all-purpose.

Boss 812 Fireblock Gun Foam – 24oz

A ready to use foam designed to prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases from one compartment to another, thereby slowing down the spread of fire. Can be used to seal around copper, PVC and wastewater pipes, as well as conduit and duct work.
  • 360° dispensing
  • Installs in seconds, potentially reducing labor costs by up to 90%
  • Ideal for single and two family homes
  • Paintable (after inspection
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  • Precise Application
  • Instant Off Trigger