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dentec filter pads

Dentec N95 Filter Pads (20/Pkg)

Dentec Safety filter pads are a unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical layers of material, designed for less clogging and extended life in real-world applications. Available in several NIOSH approved levels of protection, so you can choose the performance to match your application. Can easily be used as standalone particulate filters, or as pre-filters for gas/vapor cartridges.
Dentec Safety Particulate Pads Filter Assembly

Dentec Safety™ Particulate Pads Filter Assembly (4-pack)

Dentec Safety™ Particulate Pads Respirator Filter Assembly features an ultra thin design.
  • Pre-Filter Retainers & Filter Pad Holders
  • Lightweight
  • Will not obstruct field of vision
  • Protects N and R95 filters, extending filter life
half face mask

Dentec Series 300 Half Mask

Series 300 Thermoplastic Molded from a custom-engineered thermoplastic blend that provides economy with function. Comfort and compatibility, without compromise. Low-profile design. Multi-position cartridge placement. Extra-large inhalation valves. Patented corrugated exhale valve. Low "dead air" space. Unique low-fitting design. Use the same replacement parts as the Comfort-Air® series 100 silicone face piece. Swivel strap retainers.
  • Molded from a custom-engineered thermoplastic blend that provides economy with function.
  • Comfort and compatibility, without compromise.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Multi-position cartridge placement.
  • Extra-large inhalation valves.
  • Patented corrugated exhale valve.
  • Low "dead air" space.
  • Unique low-fitting design.
  • Uses the same replacement parts as the Comfort-Air series 100 silicone face piece.
  • Swivel strap retainers.
disposable coveralls

Disposable Coveralls

These disposable coveralls resist tears or punctures and stay tough wet or dry. Full cut allows coveralls to be worn comfortably over clothing for a variety of jobs. Fabric is a spun-bound fiber. Zip front with a collar. Sold individually or by the case. 25 per case. SDS
disposable vinyl gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves – Powder Free, Clear, Latex Free and Allergy Free, Plastic, Work, Food Service, Cleaning

Product Features: 
  • Premium quality - resists tearing, Strong, yet flexible (stretches) with good dexterity and sensitivity
  • Ideal for food service, cosmetology, healthcare and cleaning professionals, Latex-free for people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Ambidextrous (fits right or left hand),  Textured and contoured for good fit and grip
  • Rolled cuff and chlorinated for easy opening, quick donning and fast removal
  • Cost-effective alternative to latex and nitrile
Product Description: Every day, we are exposed to germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, solvents, chemicals or cancer-causing agents that can enter the body through our hands and skin. These hazards live on the surface of hands and can be transmitted through touch. Disposable gloves are effective in minimizing transfer risks and protecting public health. Not all gloves are equal! For over 40 years, The Safety Zone has built an industry-leading reputation for consistent quality and fair price. The gloves you buy today will perform equal or better than the gloves you bought previously. Choose the right glove for the right application. Glove variables include material, price, comfort, fit, durability and personal preference. All Safety Zone glove components comply with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which allow repeated use in direct contact with food and are DEHP free. Vinyl gloves are our most-popular disposable gloves. They are latex-free and come with or without food grade corn starch powder. Powdered gloves are less expensive and are easier to take on or off, especially if your hands are wet. Powder-free gloves cost a little more due to the extra process of chlorinating so the glove can be easily donned. Vinyl is a step-up from polyethylene gloves. They are stronger and more durable, fit tighter and are more flexible which provides good sensitivity and dexterity. Their slightly loose fit allows the glove to breathe, so applications where gloves are worn for a periods of time are ideal for this glove. Vinyl gloves are most-often used in the food service industry (food preparation and busboy cleaning) while professionals in cosmetics, medical and cleaning services use them as well. Around the home, vinyl gloves are ideal for meal preparation, messy tasks, light cleaning, personal care, pet care, painting, arts and crafts. Vinyl is an economical alternative to latex and nitrile gloves.
dust mist filters

Dust /Mist Filters (10)

Pack of 10 dust/mist filters
first aid kit

First Aid Kit

This starter kit is inexpensive, but has all the essentials for cuts, abrasions, and burns. Contents in waterproof plastic box.

Foam Suits with Hood & Boots

Call for Pricing and Availability

These lightweight, spun bonded garments are 1.25 oz. material weight. Polypropylene is breathable, which makes it perfect for the workplace where constant dirt and grime are encountered or protecting clothing when foaming.

respirator masks

Gerson Double Strap Masks #1730 N95

The #1730 N95 particulate respirator has collapse resistant double-shell construction made to withstand hot and humid conditions. Adjustable contoured nosepiece and soft open cell foam nose cushion ensure a proper fit and increased comfort. NIOSH Approved. SDS
respirator masks

Gerson Half Masks

This soft lightweight elastomer facepiece, cradle suspension and easy-adjust headstraps facilitate a proper and comfortable fit. A low-profile, swept-back design provides greater field of vision and allows normal use of glasses or goggles. The P100 cartridge filters and the XP100 pancake filters are both effective against all particulate aerosols. NIOSH Approved.
respirator masks

Gerson Respirator w/Valve #1740 N95, 10-Pack

This #1740 N95 has all the same features of the #1730 with the added feature of the new LPD (low pressure drop) exhalation valve for easy-breathing and increased worker comfort. NIOSH Approved.
Sold in 10-count box. 10 boxes per case.

Gerson Single Strap Masks #1501

This #1501 mask provides relief from irritation of non-toxic, nuisance dusts. Durable, non-collapsible construction will stand up to high heat and humidity. Adjustable nosepiece contours to fit individual facial features. Masks sold in 50 count boxes. SDS