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stud scrubber

COOL Stud Scrubber Roller

Replacement roller for the COOL Machines stud scrubber.

COOL Vacuum Economy Saver

Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 60 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums smaller than 23 HP.
impeller for cool vacuum

COOL Vacuum Impeller

Impeller for Cool Vacuum CV-230 ONLY FOR COOL VACUUMS Impellers for other brands available, call for information, pricing and availability.

COOL Vacuum Saver 23 HP

Call for Pricing and Availability

Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 80 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums 23 HP. Pneumatic wheels.

cork plugs

Cork Plugs

For exterior and interior use and used primarily with stucco fill (porion putty). Draw little moisture, thus aid in acquiring an even finish. 500 per package.
Curry Comb Set

Curry Comb Set 4″ & 5″

CURRY COMB FOAM SCRAPERS(2 comb set) 1- 4" and 1-5" With Reversible Heads. Reversible Curry Combs are assembled with non-rusting spacers and riveted together for an attractive durable comb. A tension spring snugs the comb firmly on the bright metal shank pin to permanently attach the Grip-Fit polypropylene handle to the comb The shank pin allows the comb to reverse easily on the handle. The finished combs are lacquer dipped to give them a bright durable finish. They are sold in sets of 2 to take advantage of better shipping rates and can be combined with other tools for further shipping discounts. Pricing is per set quantity.

Cyclone Insulation Blowing Machine

This highly portable Cyclone processes over 800 lbs of cellulose or 200 lbs of fiberglass per hour while weighing only 142 lbs. It features an aluminum airlock. This system provides ease of transportation to the job site, in addition to the quick installation of attic insulation.
Machine includes:
  • 1 - 100' of 2 1/2" blowing hose
  • 1 - 2 1/2" hose connector
  • 3 - stainless clamps
  • Weight: 142 lbs
DC-315 Thermal Barrier Coating

DC-315 Thermal Barrier Coating


The International Building Code mandates that polyurethane spray foam be separated from the interior of the building by a 15-minute thermal barrier or other approved covering. DC315 passed certified NFPA 286 and UL 1715 by ETL over a variety of open and closed cell spray-applied urethane foams. It complies with all the requirements of 2006 IBC Section 803.2.1; 2009 IBC Section 803.1.2 and Section 2603.9; 2012 IBC Section 803.1.2 and Section 2603.10 "Special Approvals for Thermal Barriers over Foam Plastics". DC315 also meets the requirement as an Ignition Barrier per AC 377, Appendix X at an incredible spread rate of 400 sq. ft. per gallon.

  • Finish: Flat
  • V.O.C.: (47 g/l)
  • Volume Solids: 67%
  • Drying Time: 77F & 50% RH To touch 1-2 hours to recoat 2 to 4 hours
  • Type of Cure: Coalescence
  • Flash Point: None
  • Reducer/Cleaner: Water
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (unopened)
  • Packaging: 5  gallon pail
  • Shipping weight: 5 gallon pail - 58 lbs
  • Application: Brush, roller, conventional and airless spray
non-swivel nozzle

Deluxe Non-Swivel Directional Nozzle

Non-Swivel Directional Nozzle for Insulation Hose.
swivel nozzle

Deluxe Swivel Directional Nozzle

Deluxe Swivel Directional Nozzle for Insulation Hose.  The nozzle size indicates the size of hole that you will drill and the size of plugs you are required.
packing swivel nozzle

Dense Packing 2 1/2″ Directional Swivel Nozzle w/ Dust Bag

This nozzle is to be used with a 2 1/2" insulation blowing hose. After drilling a 2 1/2" hole in the wall, place the nozzle in the wall to blow insulation in the wall cavity. The nozzle comes with an attached dust bag to contain excess dust. The nozzle can be turned to blow down the wall and once the insulation reaches the nozzle, the handle can be turned to direct the insulation upward to fill the upper portion of the wall. Ask us about custom 3" models.
dentec filter pads

Dentec N95 Filter Pads (20/Pkg)

Dentec Safety filter pads are a unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical layers of material, designed for less clogging and extended life in real-world applications. Available in several NIOSH approved levels of protection, so you can choose the performance to match your application. Can easily be used as standalone particulate filters, or as pre-filters for gas/vapor cartridges.