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Clear Plastic Connector

These plastic connectors are clear to see what is inside the hose.
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Closed Cell Vinyl Foam Tape – Gray

  • Wide Gap Closed-Cell Vinyl Foam Tape
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive, just peel and press.
  • Light gray in color
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Closed Cell Vinyl Foam Tape – White

  • Wide Gap Closed-Cell Vinyl Foam Tape
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Self-adhesive just peel and press
  • Measures 3/8" wide, 3/16" thick(height), 17' long
  • White color

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle for the AB0004 Ames Cobra Drywall Tape Banjo.

Cobra Drywall Tape Banjo

The Goldblatt 15301 Style Dry Tape Drywall Banjo Taper applies drywall compound to drywall tape, and increases speed over traditional drywall hand taping. The banjo taper holds up to a 500' roll of tape, and strings 40' per load. The aluminum construction is sturdy and light-weight. The lid is beveled inward to create a leak-proof, metal-to-metal seal. The dry tape banjo gets its name from having the roll of drywall tape separated from the wet drywall compound - keeping the roll dry, and only applies mud to the tape lead. This Goldblatt style banjo is the most popular design among drywall contractors.
  • Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Top wood handle for vertical drywall tape application
  • Side strap and thumb rest for horizontal drywall tape application
  • Additional Wooden Handle can be used in place of the side strap
  • Serrated Tape Cutting Blade
  • Adjustable mud flow with the turn of a thumb screw

Cobra LJ Through the Roof! (Case of 6)

Through the Roof instantly fixes roof leaks others can't. Users tell us they've tried other products and leaks prevail. Then they try Through the Roof and the leak doesn't come back. Seal everything and anything that goes Through The Roof, with permanently elastic clear roofing sealant that goes on the following common roofing fixtures and materials:
  • Flashing and Gutters
  • Shingles and Shakes
  • Vents
  • PVC and ABS Vent Pipe
  • Skylights
  • Ductwork
  • Chimneys, Brick, Block, and Mortar
  • Roof Jacks, Cables, and Air Conditioning Units
COBRA™/Through the Roof!® Tips • For curled shingles use Through the Roof!® like a contact adhesive. After applying sealant allow upper shingle to separate and let dry 15-20 minutes. Press shingle back down. • Lineal feet per cartridge: COBRA™ Lap Joint Nozzle - 20’ ¼” round nozzle bead – 24’ 3/8” round nozzle bead – 15’ • For closed-end caulk guns, load cartridge first then screw on COBRA™ nozzle. 51639 SDS 51640 SDS 51639 Brochure 51640 Brochure 51639  Tech Data  
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Combo Spray Nozzle

Spray tips used for all Handi-Foam 2 part foam spray kits. 8 pack.

Commercial Spray Nozzles

Krendl 4 & 6 Jet Commercial Nozzles. Select size below.
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Contact Block Selector Switch Red #KA-3

Contact Block Selector Switch Red #KA-3

Contact Block, Selector Switch White #KA-1

Contact Block, Selector Switch White #KA-1

Contactor, Kill Switch

Contactor, Kill Switch

Cool 1500 Machine w/ 13 Amp D.I. Double Blower

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The Cool Machine 1500 series insulation blowing machine is an economical, compact and portable, high production insulation blowing machine with low power requirements and 'scalping' auger/shredder. This unit comes with a 13 amp double blower, double input.
  • Large 13 cu./ft. hopper capacity fiber storage
  • Production rates per hour: Cellulose 2200 lbs, Fiberglass 900 lbs, Rockwool 1400 lbs
  • Quick release hopper offers fast access to airlock with easy handling and transport
  • Quick release auger provides easy access to airlock seal replacement and service
  • Slide-gate control provides precise control of fiber
  • High-quality power coating provides a long lasting corrosion resistant finish
  • Modular design with see-thru access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Dual 'scalping' auger/shredders increase fiber conditioning while providing a metered feed
  • High torque TEFC modular motor/gearbox drive allows individual replacement of each unit
  • #40 nickel plated chain and hardened sprockets are rugged, corrosion resistant, and positive driving
  • 150 ft. dual function remote cord with cord hanger offers convenient handling of the remote device
  • Dimensions: 20" W x 35" L x 57" H
  • Weight: 350 lbs with double blower (330 lbs with single blower)
  • Use with a 7,500-watt generator for double blower (5,000-watt generator with single blower