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Century Pro-Style STW 100′ Lighted Extension Cord

Century Pro-Style STW 100' Lighted Extension Cord With a flexible and rugged build, this high visibility Century Pro Style 10/3 extension cord (600V) is ideal for moving projects inside or outside at the workshop or job site. This extension cord features soft-drawn, bunch-stranded 100% copper conductors for maximum flexibility and amperage transmission, and has insulating and jacketing compounds for reliable use in below freezing temperatures. The clear connector has a built-in neon light indicating that there is power in the receptacle, cord and outlet circuit. - Bunch-stranded 100% copper conductors - Neon light in female plug - Cold weather insulating compounds - Flexible in temperatures well below freezing - Clear connector

Chem-Trend® Spray Foam Remover Mold Cleaner – 5 Gallons

Chemlease® products for composites molding offer extreme value through their combination of advanced technology, ease of application, and positive impact on operational efficiency. A variety of products have been developed to work together as a release system, addressing the wide range of composites molding applications and challenges. Many are available in water-based formulations to allow for a more environmentally conscious and regulatory-compliant approach. Chemlease® mold cleaners are designed to keep molds and tools in peak condition. SDS TDS

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Release

Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Release is a blend of silicones and specialized parting agents that are specifically designed to prevent spray polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to most surfaces where the product is applied. Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Release acts as an effective barrier coat to keep overspray of polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to items such as spray equipment, tub & shower stalls and other non-porous surfaces. Chem-Trend® SprayFoam Release should not be applied to personal protective equipment. SDS
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Chimney Balloon


This Chimney Balloon is an inflatable plug that prevents drafts from a chimney caused by a broken, warped, or missing flue dampers. A chimney damper is made of metal and frequently heated and cooled. The chimney damper can warp or break over time and use, and this causes a cold air draft to enter the home. The Chimney Balloon stops this air leakage by acting as a chimney plug to save money, heat, and comfort. This Chimney Balloon is designed to work on small circular, rectangular or square chimney flues.

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How to size:

  1. With safety goggles on, look into your chimney with a flashlight and identify the damper (a metal flap that closes the chimney), if you have one. Also, identify the most narrow section of your chimney that you can touch with a 2 foot stick.
  2. Follow these guidelines when selecting an area to install a Chimney Balloon.
  • Select an area that is not interfered with by the damper flap or any hardware.
  • The area must have about 6" in height of parallel or slightly sloping walls with significant texture for the balloon to grab and lodge in during inflation.
  • Just above the damper, or in the bottom of the smoke shelf, is often an ideal location to install a Chimney Balloon.
  • If your installation point cannot be easily touched by hand you will want to purchase an HEK Extender with your Chimney Balloon.
  1. Measure the length and depth of the location you choose to install a Chimney Balloon. It is possible to measure with a standard tape measure, but it is easier to measure with a foldable carpenters ruler.
  2. We recommend that you buy the Chimney Balloon that is exactly the same dimension of your install location. But, It is OK to buy a Chimney Balloon that is up to 6 inches larger in either dimension than your measured opening, since you will be inflating it into place.DO NOT buy a Chimney Balloon that is too small for the measured opening.
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Clamp Bracket

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Cleaning Nozzle Adapter

CNA-TTThe TapeTech®  Cleaning Nozzle Adapter makes cleaning the head of the Automatic Taper easy. The Adapter securely threads on to the Spray Nozzle and fits over the filler valve of the Automatic Taper to thoroughly clean the valve and the head without soaking the user. The Adapter can also be used to quickly clean the filler valve on the MudRunner® or Corner Applicators. Works with most brands of Automatic Tapers.

Closed Cell Vinyl Foam Tape – Gray

  • Wide Gap Closed-Cell Vinyl Foam Tape
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive, just peel and press.
  • Light gray in color
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Closed Cell Vinyl Foam Tape – White

  • Wide Gap Closed-Cell Vinyl Foam Tape
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Self-adhesive just peel and press
  • Measures 3/8" wide, 3/16" thick(height), 17' long
  • White color

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle

Cobra Banjo Replacement Wooden Handle for the AB0004 Ames Cobra Drywall Tape Banjo.

Cobra LJ Through the Roof! (Case of 6)

Through the Roof instantly fixes roof leaks others can't. Users tell us they've tried other products and leaks prevail. Then they try Through the Roof and the leak doesn't come back. Seal everything and anything that goes Through The Roof, with permanently elastic clear roofing sealant that goes on the following common roofing fixtures and materials:
  • Flashing and Gutters
  • Shingles and Shakes
  • Vents
  • PVC and ABS Vent Pipe
  • Skylights
  • Ductwork
  • Chimneys, Brick, Block, and Mortar
  • Roof Jacks, Cables, and Air Conditioning Units
COBRA™/Through the Roof!® Tips • For curled shingles use Through the Roof!® like a contact adhesive. After applying sealant allow upper shingle to separate and let dry 15-20 minutes. Press shingle back down. • Lineal feet per cartridge: COBRA™ Lap Joint Nozzle - 20’ ¼” round nozzle bead – 24’ 3/8” round nozzle bead – 15’ • For closed-end caulk guns, load cartridge first then screw on COBRA™ nozzle. 51639 SDS 51640 SDS 51639 Brochure 51640 Brochure 51639  Tech Data  
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Commercial Spray Nozzles

Krendl 4 & 6 Jet Commercial Nozzles. Select size below.
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Construction (Poly) Film

This polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors that prevents condensation and energy loss. Multiple sizes are available in both construction grade and full-mil. SDS
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