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BOSS 180 multi-seal anchor adhesive

BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® White Anchor Adhesive Cartridge

BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® is a one component, moisture curing adhesive formulated with USP™ Technology for adhering anchor pins to rigid boards, fibrous semi-rigid board, masonry walls, ducts, metal buildings, painted and galvanized surfaces. BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® has immediate grab and high bond strength allowing insulation to be hung in 24 hours. Check an anchor pin before hanging insulation to be sure it is secure. Cure times vary with humidity. BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® forms a strong bond even on damp surfaces.
  • Use for rigid board and fibrous, semi-rigid board insulation masonry walls, ducts and metal buildings
  • Can be used with nylon and metal based pins
  • Immediate grab and high bond strength
  • Insulation can be hung the next day
  • Adheres to painted and galvanized surfaces
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Water resistant
  • Low odor
  • VOC Compliant
  • Qualifies for LEED Credits
  • Primerless adhesion to damp and non-porous surfaces
SPECIFICATIONS BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® meets TT-S000230C, Type II, Class A; ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use G-glass, M-mortar, A-aluminum and O-other; CAN/ CGSB 19.13-M87.

BOSS® 360 35 Year Sealant Siliconized Latex Caulk

A mildew resistant, paintable, air seal and weatherization sealant formulated to provide long lasting, flexible, weatherproof seals between most common building materials including wood, masonry, concrete, brick, drywall, metal and glass. Its smooth, creamy consistency makes it easy to tool and it cures to a tough flexible seal. Can be used for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Sealing around window and door frames
  • Sealing around baseboards, trim and corner joints
  • Sealing anywhere a weathertight seal is desired
  • Paintable, soap and water clean up

BOSS® White Latex General Purpose Caulk 10.1 oz

  • Economical latex caulk for general purpose applications
  • 7 year
  • Plastic cartridge
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Paintable
  • Toolable
  • VOC Compliant

Bostitch 680 Pneumatic Stapler

These are used for applying netting and fabrics. This stapler will take a heavier gauge 1/2" crown staple. Much quicker and will save you time on all jobs over hand tackers. Shoots up to 1700 staples per minute. Lightweight, easy to adjust and the double length magazine provides large load capacity. The BS-680 uses 5/16" (JK-682) staples and 1/2" (JK-683) staples. Schematics (PDF) Staples for this stapler: JK-682 1/2" crown 5/16" leg JK-683 1/2" crown 1/2" leg
Bostitch Pneumatic Stapler

Bostitch Auto Fire Construction Stapler (21671B-ALM)

The Stanley Bostitch 21671B-ALM auto fire construction stapler includes a seven-year warranty. This Bostitch tool features two function trigger for single fire and auto fire. Autofire rate can be adjusted from 0 to 1600 staples per minute. A quick loading extended magazine reduces reloading time. The Stanley Bostitch 21671B-ALM is excellent for securing fabric to wood frame, pre-upholstery spring-up operation attaches cardboard, webbing, and Propex to frame, and boat seating with stainless steel staples. The  Stanley Bostitch 21671B-ALM uses 1/4" ( JK-671) staples and 5/16" ( JK-672) staples. Schematics (PDF) staples for this stapler: JK-671 3/8" crown 1/4" leg JK-672 3/8" crown 5/16" leg
hammer tacker driver

Bostitch H30-6 Driver

A replacement driver for the Bostitch H30-6 or Hammer Stapler.
hammer tacker magazine assembly

Bostitch H30-6 Hammer Tacker Replacement Magazine Assembly

Replacement magazine assembly for Bostitch H30-6 hammertacker
hammer tacker roller

Bostitch H30-6 or 8 Roller

Replacement Roller for theBostitch H30-6 or 8 Hammer Stapler.
bostitch bumper

Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 Bumper

Replacement bumper for the Bostitch H30-6 or 8 Hammer Stapler.
hammer tacker pivot pin

Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 Hammer Tacker Replacement Pivot Pin

Replacement top guide for Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 pivot pin.
hammer tacker pusher

Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 Hammer Tacker Replacement Pusher

Replacement pusher for Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 Hammer Tacker
hammer tacker pusher spring

Bostitch H30-6 or H30-8 Hammer Tacker Replacement Pusher Spring

Replacement pusher spring for BostitchH30-6 H30-8 Hammer Tacker