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50′ 8-4 Cord w/30 amp Plug

Extension cords to meet your electrical needs. Don't under power your machine by using the wrong cords. Avoid further problems and start with the correct cords. Krendl remote control cords complete with hand pendant.

55 Gallon Drum Heater Wrap with Thermostat Control (Set of 2)

For use with the 55 gallon drum refillable foam kits. It is sized for a 55 gallon drum with a built in thermostat of 160 degrees. It comes with adjustable straps to ensure proper fit of larger or smaller 55 gallon barrels. The drum heaters come ready to use. Unroll, wrap around your barrel, and plug into any outlet. The blankets weigh only 13 pounds and wrap around the entire barrel. This produces a fast, even, consistent heat. The built in thermostat will ensure you don't over/under heat your material. Each blanket has a 6 ft male end cord allowing five of these blankets to be plugged together on one single 20 amp outlet. Min allowable temp for guaranteed results is -40 degrees F with adjustable thermostat controller w/ heat probe.
120 volts/960 watt/8.0 amp (5 blanket maximum per 20 amp plug)
ETL Certified to UL/CSA Standards
Set of 2 Wraps

6 mil Black Construction Film

Roll of black construction film. 6 mil.

6 mil Clear Construction Film

This clear polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors. Prevents condensation and energy loss. Sizes vary. SDS

6″ Drywall Jab Saw – Soft Grip

Use this LEVEL5 6" Drywall Jab Saw for cutting and sawing various building materials such as drywall, plastic, plasterboard and more. Featuring a heavy-duty high carbon steel blade, this saw will not bend under pressure. It also features precision cross-ground teeth for fast, clean and effortless cutting. The deep gullets between the teeth keep the blade free of material when in use. Its soft-grip handle offers ergonomic all-day comfort and anti-slip protection. Features 
  • Precision cross-ground teeth cut in both push and pull directions for fast, clean and effortless cutting.
  • Deep gullets between saw teeth keep blade free of material.
  • Sharpened tip easily punches through drywall or similar materials.
  • Impact resistant, soft-grip handle ergonomically designed for all-day use with minimal fatigue.
  • Larger handle guard for better penetrating leverage and improved safety.
  • Durable alloy hammer head for resetting drywall nails.
  • Stay organized. All LEVEL5 hand tools feature large hang holes.

6″ x 25′ Heavy Duty Vac Hose

  • Clear colored 6‰ diameter x 25‰۪ steel reinforced polyethylene hose
  • Burst pressure: 15PSI
  • Working pressure: 10PSI
  • Vacuum 13Hg
  • CL bend radius: 12‰
  • Compress ratio: 1‰۪
  • 9‰ UV additive
  • Wire is .072‰ steel wire
  • Temperature range: -60F to 275F
  • OD spec nominal: 6.29‰
  • Weight: .9lbs. per ft.
  • Made for powerful vacuum applications
  • 23HP+ vac machines require heavy duty step-up hose, and this hose is up to the task.

6″ x 25′ Vacuum Hose

This 6" hose can be used on most vacuums. Comes in lenghts of 25 feet. Has wire inside to help prevent collapsing SDS

605 Bd Ft Foam Kit Warmer-5 Gallon Pail Warmer

The PW-005 pail warmer will warm a five gallon can or a 605 Bd Ft foam kit cylinder. It is made from heavy duty nylon CPAI 84 which creates a heat retaining flexible barrier. It is insulated with closed cell polypropylene with an enclosed heating element. It plugs into a 120V AC or 12V DC inverterusing a heavy duty industrial cord. It features a convenient cord storage pouch on the front with a velcro closure and adjustable cinch straps for a snug fit. It measures 11.5" high x 41" long. The internal temperature is controlled to maintain a constant temperature while only using 50 watts of power. *These are sold one per package, if you are purchasing for a 2 part foam kit you will need to purchase two.

8 mil Clear Construction Film 20′ x 100′

This clear polyethylene sheeting is a vapor barrier for walls and floors. Prevents condensation and energy loss. Size 20' x 100' clear film. SDS

8″ Black Dragon Batt Knife

Hardened high carbon chrome vanadium steel blade. Ground and tempered to precise tolerances. Soft-grip handle with built in finger guard to protect fingers from cuts.

8″ Corner Applicator

The TapeTech® Corner Applicator supplies joint compound to the Corner Finishers for fast and efficient finishing of internal corners (angles). Corner Applicators are also used with Applicator Heads to quickly and cleanly apply joint compound to internal or external corners for the installation of paper-faced corner bead. TapeTech® Corner Applicators feature a stainless steel cone. Use with the FHTT Fiberglass Handle or the XHTT Extension Handle – not included.
  • Applies joint compound to external corners for paper faced bead application (with 16TT)
  • Applies joint compound to inside corner for tape application (with 16TT90)
  • Finishes internal corners (with corner finishers)
  • Stainless Steel Cone
Operations Guide Schematics Guide

8″ Foam Gun Extension

8" foam gun extensions sold in packages of 100 only.