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15 cu ft Channel Fill

Handi-Foam® Channel Fill

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Handi-Foam® Channel Fill low-pressure pour-in-place polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile chemically cured, two-component foam systems available. It completely fills voids and cavities of all shapes and sizes with minimal fill points. Handi-Foam Channel Fill is powered by ICP Adhesives & Sealants patented High Flow Technology®. This allows the foam to flow greater distances, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Handi-Foam Channel Fill is available in a variety of disposable and refillable sizes and is dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® Dispensing Unit. Common Product Uses: INSULATION COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL
  • Retrofitting windows
  • Industrial piping
  • Window mullion filling
  • Air Handler/HVAC
  • Metal Door Filling
  • Panels
  • Buoyancy for floating docks
  • Extrusion and rotational molded product filling, insulation
  • Post installation void filling (ie. hollow stadium seats)
  • Statue repair
  • Taxidermy
  • Filling post/pole holes
  • Insulated window weight pockets during window replacement

This product is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.