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Arbor Bit

This arbor is used with Lenox hole saws. It comes with 1 pilot bit. Additional pilots can be purchased separately.
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Carbide-Tipped Hole Saw

This carbide tipped hole saw has greater wear resistance and higher heat resistance than the bi-metal hole saws. The carbide tipped tooth design features triple chip grind for smoother, concentric cuts. This saw has up to 10 times longer life on abrasive material than standard bi-metal hole saws. It has a cutting depth of 1 1/2" (38mm). The Arbor, carbide tipped pilot, and extension is sold separately.  
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Ejector Spring

Ejector spring for hole saw
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Foam Knife 11″ blade

Spray Foam Removal Tool. "The finest spray foam insulation removal knife in the industry". Our Handles were designed to reduce the risk of hands accidentally sliding forward across the blade, in the event of a sudden stop while cutting with it. They have high impact resistant handles and extremely sharp replaceable serrated edge blades. Our soft foam knives can be sharpened a number of times before needing to be replaced. "SHORTY", with it's 11" cutting edge, is perfect for all those hard to get at spaces in closets and corners. Replacement blades are available for this tool. !!!WARNING!!! "SHORTY" is extremely sharp. You must use caution, wear protective clothing and Good quality heavy duty gloves when handling this tool. Pricing is per quantity of 1 knife.

Foam Knife 29″ blade

"THE FOAM KNIFE" is the finest in the industry. Designed for 1/2 lb spray foam removal. They have been designed with high impact resistant handle specially shaped to reduce the risk of the user's hands accidentally sliding forward across the blade in the event of a sudden stop while cutting with it. The replacement blades have and extremely sharp serrated edge. The blades can be sharpened a number of times before needing to be replaced.
WARNING - The ISO Knives are extremely sharp. The user must use caution; wear protective clothing and good quality heavy duty gloves when handling these tools.

Foam Saw Adapter

  • Saw adapted to properly hold foam blades
  • Fits Corded Milwaukee Sawzall  Model 6536-21 (Will not work with the cordless saws)

Hex Wrench Set

For use with wood boring bit systems.
Packaged in a set of 2

Lead Screw for 3″ Bit

For use in 3" Leader Bits. 1 per package

Leader Bit

These automatic feed wood bits feature outside diameter threads, replaceable lead screws and are easy to sharpen. They have a rust resistant black oxide finish. This bit has more teeth and cuts a better hole.
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Lenox Bi-Metal Hole Saw

This hole saw features bi-metal construction with a high-speed cutting edge. The Vari-Tooth design creates sharper tooth tips for faster, cleaner cutting. The arbor, pilot, and extension are sold separately.
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Long-Nose Plastic Plugs

The Long Nose, with its exceptional design, is our best-selling plastic plug. With a 5/8" shank and heavy gripping teeth, this plug will hold in both single and multiple layers of siding. The extra-wide cap has a tapered edge for obscured vision on sidings and a textured top for easy painting.
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Pine Wood Plugs

Insulation holes in wood sheathing are normally sealed with pre-cut tapered wooden plugs. Unlike other plugs which are completely tapered, our plug is slightly tapered only 7/8 of its total thickness for easy insertion. The top 1/8 is the full diameter measurement for a tight even fit. All are made from kiln dried lumber and are produced on specially designed equipment, resulting in quality, uniformly-sized plugs. Our plugs feature a unique advantage. They are manufactured by cutting from both sides at once, thus eliminating all splintered face edges that require time-consuming patching methods. Special sized, primed plugs and other types of wood are available upon request. Sizes listed are the actual bit sizes. SDS (PDF)
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