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COOL Vacuum Economy Saver

Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 60 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums smaller than 23 HP.

COOL Vacuum Impeller

Impeller for Cool Vacuum CV-230 ONLY FOR COOL VACUUMS Impellers for other brands available, call for information, pricing and availability.

COOL Vacuum Saver 23 HP

Call for Pricing and Availability

Extend the life of your vacuum blade, chamber engine as well as collection bags with the Cool Vacuum Saver. Weighs approx. 80 lbs. This vacuum saver is for vacuums 23 HP. Pneumatic wheels.

Deluxe Non-Swivel Directional Nozzle

Non-Swivel Directional Nozzle for Insulation Hose.

Deluxe Swivel Directional Nozzle

Deluxe Swivel Directional Nozzle for Insulation Hose.  The nozzle size indicates the size of hole that you will drill and the size of plugs you are required.

Dense Packing 2 1/2″ Directional Swivel Nozzle w/ Dust Bag

This nozzle is to be used with a 2 1/2" insulation blowing hose. After drilling a 2 1/2" hole in the wall, place the nozzle in the wall to blow insulation in the wall cavity. The nozzle comes with an attached dust bag to contain excess dust. The nozzle can be turned to blow down the wall and once the insulation reaches the nozzle, the handle can be turned to direct the insulation upward to fill the upper portion of the wall. Ask us about custom 3" models.

Depth Gauge

The use of a depth gauge helps ensure that sprayed insulation is installed evenly, and to the depth specified.

Flex-Plus Clear Hose

This hose has a smooth bore interior which allows more insulation to flow through. Formulated with premium grade co-polymer. Crush-proof and abrasion resistant. Strong and flexible and can withstand the heaviest insulation blowing schedule, because cap and channel are spirally wound together. Lightweight and see-through for easy monitoring of material flow. Call for pricing on 10 or more sections.


A polyethylene film meeting all requirements for use as bottom board by the mobile home industry. It has been solid-coated with a specially formulated high tech adhesive. Easily applied.

Force/3 Machine

Call for Pricing and Availability
A portable, high-production machine with a large hopper that produces 2520 lbs/hr of cellulose, and 1350 lbs/hr of fiberglass. At half the weight of comparable machines, the Intec Force/3 retains portability while offering high output. Dual blower motors with variable speed control make dense packing simple. Weighs 350 lbs. The Intec Force/3 comes complete with:
  • 1 - 100' dual remote control cord
  • 1 - Variable Speed Blower Pressure Control
  • Pinset Material Slide Gate
Due to size, this item must be shipped via semi. Signature required at time of delivery. Due to expense, call for freight estimate.

Guard for Belt Scrubber

Replacement Guard for Sprayco scrubber

Imagination Brick Nozzle

10" x 5/8" brick nozzle for dense packing behind brick.