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Steel Hose Connector

Steel Hose Connector. Used for connecting blowing hoses together for added length. Long extensions allow for hose clamp application to secure hose to reducer. Provides durable, secure link between hose sections.
  • Provides durable, secure link between hose sections
  • Long extensions allow for hose clamp application to secure hose to reducer
  • Used for connecting blowing hoses together for added length
  • Available for all sizes of blowing hose
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Steel Hose Reducer

Hose Accessories - Steel Hose Reducer.
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Steel Inlet Reducer

Steel inlet reducer
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Steel Reducing Nozzle

This reducing nozzle is made from steel to reduce from 2" - 1" for a brick nozzle.

Stud Scrubber Motor

Stud Scrubber Accessories

Swivel Connectors

This connects your hose while it allows them to turn freely.
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Turbo Force Machine HP 3 (2 blowers)

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Ease of Use: Includes revolutionary Intec Quick-AccessTM features including Tilt-Back Design providing easy access to machine components simplifying maintenance, adjustments, & repairs. GoWireless industrial wireless remote minimizes set-up & tear-down time. Oversized loading platform & largest in-class hopper enhances crew sequencing & provides labor savings. Powered by easily accessible 15amp circuits. Portable with ability to fit thru doors. Reliable: Automatic chain tensioners to minimize maintenance, powder coated aluminum exterior provides a long lasting surface finish that will not rust, and industry exclusive long lasting urethane seals enhance the system‰۪s reliability and up-time. Capable: Fastest in-class install speeds for dense pack, blow behind netting, and attics while meeting manufacturer's coverage charts. Install of R19 in a 1,000 sq ft attic in approximately 19 minutes with production rates up to 2473 lbs/hr cellulose, 900 lbs/hr fiberglass, or 2460 lbs/hr stonewool. Extremely fast wall applications driven by system design. Versatile: Install cellulose, fiberglass, or stonewool in attics, damp spray, dense pack, drill & fill, and net & blow applications. Specifications: Weight 385 lbs. Dimensions 33 5/8 W x 36 1/8 L x 63 1/2 H. Hopper capacity: 17 cu. ft holds up to 3 bags cellulose or 1 bag of fiberglass, Hose: 3. Outlet pressure: 4.5 psi. Power requirements: Standard (one blower) - Dual input, 15 amp/115V. hP3 (two blower) - Triple input, 15 amp/115V.

Ultimate Nozzles

Our Ultimate shut-off nozzles feature ball closing action, are lightweight and have an airtight shut-off. They are of the highest quality and can be easily disassembled to replace worn parts. Comes with Viton o-rings and seals.
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Universal Wireless Remote System 3-Button


Exceptional range up to 1,320+ ft “clear-line-of-site” this remote will maintain excellent connectivity and responsiveness.

Vacuum Defender

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The Vacuum Defender is recommended for restoration work, and has been designed for removing potentially damaging debris from the insulation before it comes in contact with the vacuum fan blades. This innovative design reduces the wear and tear on the vacuum fan blades, engine and the vacuum housing. The Vacuum Defenderhelps prolong the life of your vacuum.
  • Abrasion Resistant (AR) Deector Plate
  • Removable drawer for quick and easy disposal of debris
  • Design allows for debris emptying while vacuum is in use
  • 6” inlet and outlet for maximum production
  • Lightweight (60 lbs) all welded design
  • Wheels for easy maneuverability *
Recommended optional purchase: Reducer Kits that allow use of 4” hose * Due to size, this item must be shipped via semi. Signature required at time of delivery. Due to expense, call for freight estimate.

Vacuum Suction Attachment

The WV-101 and WV-104 (swivel wand) is made of PVC, this suction tube is lightweight and sturdy. Dimensions 4 inlets and 48 long.  WV-104 includes a swivel connector.  
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Water Hose

This 3/8" hose is available in several lengths with 1/4" pipe ends. The maximum pressure is 350psi. The quick disconnect ends are included with each hose.
Can not be used with Mp-20 or M-03 pumps.
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