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Toe Strap w/ Buckle

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Tube Cap/Plug

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Upper Spring

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Utility Knife Sheath

The knife sheath is an open-end holder 3" x 7 5/8" and 2 1/2" with belt slots. Made of top grain cowhide with rivet and sewn construction.

Vintool Knife

This heavy duty fiberglass batt knife cuts batts, foamboard, and drywall. The knife comes two extra 4 scraper blades. The extra blade storage is in the one-piece handle.

Viper CS Vapor Barriers

Viper CS Vapor Barriers are designed specifically for controlling moisture migration in crawl space applications. They are manufactured with a bright white color to give any crawl space a fresh, clean look. Viper CS Vapor Barriers feature a low perm rating and are engineered with exceptional puncture resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength, providing a long-term solution for controlling crawl space moisture.

Wall Tubing

This wall tubing comes in summer (Green) and all weather (Blue) grades. Summer grade is just right for warm days while the all weather can be used anytime. All Weather Tubing (Blue Tubing) has a service temperature ranging from -40 to 150 degrees.  This hose remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures.   Sold in 10' Increments


Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Water Heater Jacket Straps/Buckles Kit

Water Heater Wrap Strap Kits securely keep water heater energy efficient tank wraps in place and can be used in addition to or in place of tape. Each package contains 3 straps and 3 buckles and is long enough to fit all size water heater tanks, can be reused. 50 Sets per case.

Web Belt

The web belt is 2 1/4" wide with government-specified hardware and it adjusts to a 48" waist.
Price as each - 6 per package.

Wing Bolt

Dura-Stilt replacement parts

Wire Batt Supports

Wire Batt Supports also known as tiger teeth, wire stays, and lightning rods. Fast economical way to install roll and batt type insulation. Made of high tensile wire that digs into the wood. When installing start 4 in. from the end then space them 12 in. to 16 in. apart.
  • Spring wire supports install with a twist of the wrist
  • Holds permanently in floors, walls, ceilings
  • The perfect answer for confined crawl spaces or overhead cavities holding insulation batts in place
  • Overall length is 1/2" less than over center joist spacing
  • 14 gage
Packaged 500 per box. SDS